Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year Everyone!  In the words of Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton before her ... 

"I wish for you JOY and HAPPINESS, but above all this, I wish you LOOOOOOVE."

(SSG isn't still drunk.  She PROMISES.)

Iiiiii ... yiiiiiie .... will always looooooove youuuuuu ... hooooooo!


Predo said...

Why, oh why, were you not chosen for American idol?

Happy New Year!!!! (did you wake up next to a Fireman this morning?)

My verification word is gasizate. Let me use it in a sentence. Of my top ten favorite activities to do, gasizate (gas is eight!). Great start to the new year!!!

Molly said...

Good job on the high notes...surely Simon is talking to you on the preview I saw last night! Oh, and Happy New Year.

P.S. longer answer at my blog, but bacon will do it.

Lys said...

Happy New Year SSG! And I have to ask - was Fisher playing Bartender?

Frita said...

Happy 2009 sistah! I passed out for an hour or two before midnight but was up playing settlers and watched the fireworks when the clock turned over.

Hope 2009 is your best yet! Totally understand about BC... it's easy to put together if you decide that's what you want to do. DC is awesome! I have been there 4-5 times and have books and maps if you want.


Unknown said...

Hog jowl is bacon...just thicker and fattier...that isn't a word, I know.

I will send you back with some WHEN you come to VA...good ol' Smithfild Hog Jowl Bacon...mmmmm, smokey goodness wrapped in FAT.

Okay, I am sure that made you queasy so I will stop.

I wish you joy and happiness too. but above all this I wish you LOVE. As my 16 yr old son still tells me (since he was three) I love SSG more than the hole in the world!

Have a great day sweetie.



Bella Della said...

Happy New Year, dear friend. I am so excited for 2009! I love the start of a brand new year- love it. And of course bunches of love to you too.

Kim said...

*sniff sniff, dries a tear...* That was SO BEAUTIFUL!
Seriously, I loves you, too girl and hope you have a wonderful new year and Mr. Cute Neighbor boots out the "room mate", (whatever she is to him) and asks you out immediately!