Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Doogie Howser Has Been Keeping Me Up at Night

I have NO idea what possessed me to Netflix (is TOO a verb) 
Season One of the CBS show How I Met Your Mother.  
But peeps, I've drunk the Kool Aid ... and it hasn't even had 
any vodka in it ... okay, maybe a little vodka.

But SERIOUSLY, when did Doogie become hilarious?

Is anyone watching this show?  I swear I've started to 
incorporate "What Up?" and "Suit Up" into my daily lexicon.

As if I needed ANYTHING else pushing me further into 
becoming a 12 year old boy.

(Note to SSG:  Please put on a dress and start hanging 
out with your girl friends immediately.)


I Am Woody said...

One of the few things that I watch - but I think it is seriously funny!

Unknown said...

I love this show...and yes, you are right...

It is seriously funny. especially when that Britney person was on it.


Rhi said...

LOVE this show.

And, this reminded me that I have a girl-date with Ash Unabashed tonight, so I have to change into something cuter.

Thank you for that!

Molly said...

Really? Funny? I never watched it. Will have to Netflix.

Frita said...

you apparently have not seen any Harold and Kumar movies either... he is hysterical in them as well! Remember who I'm married to when questioning why I have seen Harold and Kumar movies... :o0

Anonymous said...

Oh Gawd Yes! Neil Patrick Harris is a hoot! Even more so because he plays THE MOST BELIEVABLE WOMANIZER ON EARTH and that dude is a gay man. How funny is that? He is hi-larious!

kimmyk said...

i've never seen it.
i wanted to watch it when brit was on but forgot. i'm afraid to get hooked on one more show. (lost and 24 are my weakness when it comes to tv).

Predo said...

He really had to dig to play that role, really dig!!!

I have not watched the show, but I have heard good things. Hope you don't get to involved, I don't have a life-sized storm trooper to loan you!!!

Suz Broughton said...

You are like, the 500th person who has told me this show is great. Okay, will try it out.