Friday, January 23, 2009

This is for the Homies

Mom x 2 sent a little homework assignment SSG's way this week.  Go into your 4th folder, find the 4th photo and post it.

Easy enough ... or WOULD BE if SSG HAD folders.  She has thousands of photos just sitting in her I Photo thingy on her Mac.  SSG is not technologically savvy AT ALL ... and where she might be slightly more organized in her personal life (not really) any type of computer organization just kind of eludes her.  SSG thinks of herself as a "creative" type and doesn't bother with this thing known as "order."

(Never you mind the fact that she's a numbers cruncher by day.)

This photo was taken last summer, 6 months after I got my digital camera and 2 days after I finally took it out of the box.  It was the 4th photo in my I Photo thingy. 

This is Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland.  Last spring I broke up with Starbucks and started walking over here every day.  

But then it got cold and I didn't want to go outside.  

So I took Starbucks back.  

But I MISS you Stumptown.  I'm totally going to break up with Starbucks again soon.  It's a relationship of convenience.  Starbucks knows I really love you. 

Why you gotta be like that baby?

And then Big Hair Envy had to call us out on what's in our freezer.  So um ... here she is!  

The single girl's freezer:
  • Bottle of vodka.
  • Mysterious leftovers.
  • Bag of ice from her last party that she always frantically calls someone to pick up when they're on their way over because it's the ONE THING she ALWAYS forgets at the store.
  • Coffee 
  • Chilled pilsner glasses to go with the locally brewed beers in the refrigerator 
  • And Tillamook's peanut butter and chocolate ice cream--heaven for the bargain price of $4.99 (also known sometimes as: dinner)

C!  Wee haz noe cookeez!


Unknown said...

I am a two timing coffee whore as well, AND there is occasionally a one day stand with another one as well...

Marlene + Coffee= LOVE

Your freezer photo rocks...I am really into the open honesty thing...thanks to you.


Bella Della said...

After we hang pictures I am taking you grocery shopping ;) And then stopping by Petco for cookeez. I would add one last you apparently have that covered ;) Wait, I forgot a stop at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Perhaps you can stand outside with a big old boombox over your head. That always does it.

I Am Woody said...

You have everything needed for survival in that freezer!!

Molly said...

Ok, I'm chuckling at Fisher - it appears she musters to the kitchen when she hears activity there just like my guys do...and they stand and drool until I give them a cookie. They know I hate wiping up the floor when they drool.

I bougth a Keurig coffee maker so I could have Caribou, Starbucks, Paul Newman, Green Mountain and more provide me with coffee in the morning. So I could have enough strength to get to work to buy more from the stand in the lobby. said...

I SO BAD want to think that you cleaned up your freezer before taking that picture. Where's the dripping what not running down the sides and pooling on the bottom, covered in a thin coat of dog hair? WHO ARE YOU? AN ALIEN? ;-)

Predo said...

Lemon Drops beat out cookies! Everytime!


Frita said...

Where or where are the TJ's pan au chocolat prey tell?