Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Best Friday Ever

Yesterday morning, as I was sitting at work, a few thoughts occurred to me.

1)  It was Friday.
2)  It was payday.
3)  The only thing the day was missing was SSG sipping a lemon drop by 8 a.m.

I shared those three items of importance with my cube neighbors ... and then promptly Twittered the same sentence when they laughed because really?  SSG can only be so funny before 8 a.m.  She's got to take it where she can get it.

And that's when one of the guys I work with said "Haven't you heard?  We're having an 'off site' meeting this afternoon?"

SSG:  Why you gotta tease SSG like that?
CW#3:  I'm serious!
SSG:  No you're not.
CW#3:  I am!
SSG:  Uh uh.
CW#3:  Uh huh!
CW#3:  WAY!
SSG:  Ohmahgah!
CW#3:  I know!
CW#4:  For the love of GOD, would you two STOP?!  SSG, we ARE.

(SSG sat in stunned silence.  OFFSITE MEETING OVER HAPPY HOUR?!)

SSG:  Uh uh.
CW#4:  Someone PLEASE kill me.

But it turns out, WE DID!  And even though I got in at 7 and took a 20 minute lunch before leaving at 3 for a cocktail I ended up buying myself, I'll TAKE IT!  Because that thought of leaving early!  Lemon drop!  Was enough to get me through Friday and onto next week's 5 day countdown before I go on VACATION FOR A WEEK!

Okay, so TOTALLY just kidding.  NEXT Friday will be the best Friday ever ...

7 comments: said...

That absolutely does sound like the best Friday ever! At times like this don't you just want to stop and think, "How could it possibly get any better!?" and then stand there and wait to see what happens next?
I put your button up over a chez HalfAsstic. OK, OK... my brother did. But only because I am sooooo NOT talented like that and he made me SWEAR ON A STACK OF BIBLES that I would never touch the code thingy.
Hummmm. It sure looks like it'd be fun to mess around in.... ;-)

Rhiannon said...

At my new job? We have Wine Thirty on Fridays. BEST THING EVER.

Predo said...

Just kidding? You are an evil one Missy!

I was going to tell you about a "Spree-Tini" recipe I found for you on line, but now I can not bring myself to share it! Just kidding, it does not exist, but if it did that would totally rock!!!!! Happy Saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey SSG:
Sounds like a neat Friday afternoon!

Have fun on your vacation coming up soon!

I was on vacation this past week; NOT! One of the most crappy four days off during the past umpteen years!

Take care!

Living on the Spit said...

I want a Friday like that!!! No fair at all!

Have you started packing yet?

Molly said...

I so love coming to your site. It's like a zing of energy when it opens up. Anyway.

I totally see how that was a good Friday. But for the record? I'm stuck on you were at work before 8 am. And were functional enough to Twitter.

Suz Broughton said...

Lemon drop? YUM! My favorite! Now I want one!