Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Real House Dogs of Portland Oregon

I haven't had too much sleep over the last couple of nights.  It's a shock to ones system, waking up at 4:30 a.m. again for TWO DAYS in a ROW after lounging around for the bulk of December.

How do I normally do it?  I set my cell phone alarm and put my phone out in the hallway.  

Why in the hallway?  

I have to get OUT of bed to turn the annoying thing off.  Once up, not only does Fisher think it's time for breakfast, but by that time I can smell the coffee brewing in the automatic coffee pot I set the night before.  (Tricking me into doing something is MUCH more successful when there is fresh coffee involved.)

Most nights I slip into bed pretty early, but these last couple have had me up later than normal.  I've had some work to catch up on and I still don't think my body takes it seriously that we're back to early mornings ... and really, after last month who can blame it?

Fisher is usually at my feet, passed out while I'm working in my office.  One ear cocked and ready for the computer to shut down--her cue to bomb down the hall to go to bed.  If you don't think you're a creature of habit, get a dog and watch them respond to ALL of the nonverbal cues you're not even aware you give off.  My friend recently housesat for me, she has a studio in downtown Portland that doesn't allow pets and wanted some dog and house time.  When I got back she asked, "when you come back from walking the dog, do you always go to your office?"

"Yeah, probably.  Why?"
"Fisher ran up there after I took her for a walk and wouldn't come down until I checked my e-mail.  She looked at me like 'Hello?  You're FORGETTING to DO something here."

Where was I again?


So last night I shut down the computer and waited to hear the typical Fisher scramble, but when I looked down, she was gone.

I had this moment of panic--like did I leave her outside?  I don't THINK I left her in my car.  Ohmahgah did I leave the front door open?!  Was I supposed to pick her up at doggy daycare hours ago?

No.  I clearly remembered her being around earlier.

I checked in my room.  She wasn't there.  I called her name.  She didn't come running.  I looked in the bathroom where I keep Rainy's food and water dishes.  I didn't see her tail sticking out from behind the bathroom counters.

"Pupalah where are you?!"  I called as I walked downstairs.


And that's when I found her.

Tucked into MY spot on the couch watching the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Next thing I know she's going to ask me to buy her a Mercedes and some bling.


Frita said...

OMG that is hysterical!!! right where I'm headed in a few minutes. fisher rocks! happy new year my friend! what r u going to do?

Suz Broughton said...

So funny! My dog goes upstairs and gets into bed when she's tired. I don't think she would watch RHOCC, she lives with one!

Suz Broughton said...

Oh and Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

That is SOOOOO friggin adorable..I just wanna die! OMG...he gets cookies for sure now.

I will remember this for always. LOL

Thomas Jefferson does the same thing though and they say cats are supposed to be aloof...not him.

He blocks the door so you can not leave.


Predo said...

Well now, just because your schedule has to change, hers does not! I think she has gotten quite used to the "Snow Day" routine! Then again, she might just be pouting since there isn't anymore snow to play in!

She did such a great job tucking in!

Happy Wednesday Sista! You get to sleep in tomorrow!

Molly said...

What time do you get up? 4:30 am to go to work? [the thump you hear is me keeling over] i'm not a morning person. that would simply kill me. on the other hand, when i've had to get up i like the quiet and the extra time, but it's hard to fight the gene pool.

Cool Breeze said...

She certainly looks comfy ... maybe some doggie bon-bons before the bling.

ab said...

In her defense, it IS a really addictive show.

Lys said...

Tell Fisher that Wiggs is on his way and to save room on the couch. Currently, he's snoring up a storm here at the house before I have to play cooking wench.

BTW - your apple/cranberry crumble is on the menu for tonight ;)

Big Hair Envy said...

Get her the Mercedes and the bling, but DRAW THE LINE when she mentions BOTOX!!! Bwahahahaha! said...

All I can think is to warn you of future misdeeds with the car and to hide the keys... But then again, I think this may come from having teenagers... I can't be sure.