Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ma Sexy

Well hello!

What do you guys think of my new digs?  Thank you SO much for your sweet comments and e-mails over the last couple of days!  It has been a quite the celebration!

When I was living in Seattle many years ago, I decided to cut my long brown hair into a bob just below my chin and went from my natural dark brown hair to blonde.  It was so much fun to see peoples faces as they registered that it was still me, just with a different look.  That's how I feel about my site.

Leelou did the design and was absolutely FABULOUS to work with.  I had been keeping my eye on their site for the last 3 or 4 months.  They weren't available for new projects at that time, so I decided to look around for someone who was.  But after searching and searching, I kept coming back to Leelou's designs knowing that when the time was right we'd rock this thing.  And didn't she SO ROCK THIS THING?!

I definitely had an idea of what I wanted SSG to look like and sent her some pictures and a list of what I wanted.  My e-mail had A LOT of adjectives that ended in "y" ... girly, patterny, travely, writey, lovey.  I was sure she'd read my e-mail and be all "this chick WRITES a blog?  GAH!  Those aren't even words."  Instead, she came back SO fired up!  We exchanged a million e-mails and she was always willing to tweak the smallest of things with just my lame explanations to go from.  This was EXACTLY what I had in my mind, but WAY MORE stylish and way more cute.  I'm thinking of asking if she can make ME over too.

The last little piece to get right was the font.  We tried a few different variations until I finally found the one we used.  It literally was called "Ma Sexy."  I was like "umhellyes!"  I may no longer be blonde, but I can tell you for sure that this brunette?  Is definitely having more fun. 

Go check Leelou out!  There is a link to her down on the left there.  Not all of the links are working yet, SSG still has some work to do this weekend with linking those cute buttons back to all of you sexy peeps!  But she just can't seem to tear herself away from the cuteness that is that VESPA.  I think that would be practical in Portland, no?


Frita said...

Of course it's Ma's SSG yo!

I want to live in your blog and drive a cute little Vespa.

Living on the Spit said...

Every Phi Mu in the world is jealous over this blog scheme, I just know it....

You are one sexy bi%$#!!!!!

and I love you so.


Molly said...

I honed in on the Vespa too, and are those SLINGBACKS on the Vespa? I think so. You go girl!

My sister in law likes LeeLou's designs too. I've been thinking of a makeover (real life and blog) so I may scoot on over and see her.

The Incredible Woody said...

I'm lovin' this new design! All the little details are perfect!

belladella said...

I think it's all just perfect for you. I am in awe :)

Candy said...

Totally Teh Awesome. Loving it. said...

OH I am soooo jealous! It's adorable! I am even more impatient now for mine to get done. Unfortunately, mine is getting done for free by my brother. Why is that unfortunate? He has a really big test coming up that has a lot to do with a big promotion, so he is spending all his time studying... No time for sister's blog... (sniff, sniff) So, I can't be pushy and demand results yesterday!
I will be toasting you tonight! Promise!

Suz Broughton said...

I love it! It's very "you."