Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

SSG is SO annoyed with herself that she didn't take today off.  When she tells her grandkids ... or maybe her sister's grandkids ... what she was doing on this day in history, it will probably sound like any other day.

Coffee, coffee, NPR, train, work, coffee, blog reading, lunch with the boys, work, Spree run, more blog reading, shuffle papers around on her desk to make it look like she's working, train, walk the dog, wrangle together some dinner that doesn't only involve a piece of celery and some ice cream, talk to her neighbors, talk on the phone, answer e-mails, long bath, glass of wine, little TV watching, little book reading, drift off to sleep.  Wake up.  And repeat.

Today, the first African American President will take office.  And while there has been some discussion about his race, most of the discussion has been about his qualifications for the job and if he is a strong enough leader to see us through this time.  Tomorrow will be business as usual for President Obama ... though I'm sure his schedule looks a teensy bit different than SSG's ... and that it will be anything but "usual."  Not only the country, but most of the world, will be looking at him, and us, for our next move.  

Tonight, when SSG gets home and flips on the TV to watch the inauguration festivities, she will look up for a moment and say thank you.  Thank you for the opportunity to be alive at this time.  Thank you for the opportunity to cast my vote.  Thank you for continuing to show me how I can help be part of the solution.   But most of all, thank you for the ability to go about my daily business with that extra little spring in my step that can only be brought about by hope.


Candy said...

I'm at home too but I'm watching CBS's live coverage of the inauguration on my computer. With the sound turned down as far as I can stand.

Lys said...

I Tivo'd it. While the office is "streaming" the speech in one of the boardrooms so we can "hear" it, my caseload won't allow me to be in there at the time. Thankfully I had the thought process this morning to actually set the DVR :) What a day!

HalfAsstic.com said...

It really was a good speech and the prayers were really good, also. I especially liked the last one at the luncheon. It was all very moving.
Henrietta woke up late as usual and asked if she had missed the inauguration. I said yes and she said, "Oh well, I'll just watch my soap."
Apparently she doesn't remember how these things go cause I said, "It's not on today." and she asked "Why?" ;-)

mom x 2 said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see this and competley forgot to set the DVR. It's definitely an historical moment!

ps you've been tagged :)

Suz Broughton said...

Really, really nice post. I love that you said you were going to say 'thank you.' Me too.

Predo said...

I was in WI, and boy, there is an entire blog on tis topic! My family is republican. Is there a pill to help clear that up?