Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Chez SSG Hallway Makeover

Alternate Title:  The most boring post ever.

Hey ya'll!

Happy Sunday!  SSG woke up to SNOW ON THE GROUND this morning.  It's sunny now and I think it's all gone, but taking no chances ... this SSG is STAYING INDOORS today.

This is also one of her "no spending money" days.  So it helps to not lay her eyes on ANYTHING that does not currently reside in her house.

What better time for a makeover?

This is what I did a couple of weeks ago.  And remarkably they're still intact!  Predo even asked me last night when my thumbs got so green ... and I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere, but this is the most boring post ever, so I'll just leave that one alone.

On that note!  Here is my hallway before ... 

Actually, question for the interwebs ... what do you guys do with your shoes at the end of the day?  I used to just walk upstairs with them on before reading an article that said I was essentially tracking in enough arsenic to kill a large horse and I thought "hmm ... that can't be good."   So here are some of SSG's shoes ...

The super hot sexy ones with heels are uh ... still in the store.   Just kidding, they're in her closet.  Because they NEVER get worn.

Wee goez somewerz?

And this is her hallway after ...

Pictures were even hung!  And LIGHT BULBS replaced!  

Next project ... and the real reason SSG wrote this post ... is to remind her to paint those frames black and get some white mats (mattes?).  But that requires dollAHS which SSG was not going to spend today.  But mad props to her for still hanging the photos!

Future projects for this space--paint, paint and more paint, new handrail, new tile, carpet and light fixtures.  

That will happen sometime between now and ... um ... 2027.

What are YOU (only reader left awake) up to today?


Lys said...

I'm currently trying to replicate the Bourbon braised ribs recipe. Figure that I play Chef Lys today and get some blog content for CinS. But the house smells AMAZING!

My shoes are congregated in the little area next to the bathroom/hutch as I walk in the dog. I should put the torture devices away but I'm just too beat - plus the Dog doesn't like any shoes, thankfully so they are safe.

Unknown said...

We have a big shoe rack by the door.

The makeover looks wonderful!!! Man, you are getting good...I am calling Ty Pennington RIGHT now.

What am I doing? Avoiding logging on to the server to write some projects...I am blaming it on Blogger.


I Am Woody said...

I am trying to get rid of stuff. I am drowning in JUNK!!! said...

Wow! Looks great and I am SO proud of you!
What color are you going to paint the walls? What do you think of maybe picking a mat color that coordinates well with the wall color? Not necessarily MATCHES it, but looks good with it as a secondary color.
I think painting the frames black is a fab idea!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Hey ladies!

Lys - I'll be on my way over--BOURBON BRAISED RIBS? Yum! Please send me the recipe : )

Marlene - NO work on Sundays! Isn't that in the bible or something? If it isn't, then IT SHOULD BE.

Woody - I might need some of your "junk" have you seen the BLANK CANVAS that is my house?

Krissa - I think I'm going to do a neutral like a beigey taupey kind of boring paint color. I like things that are crisp and that's what my eye always kind of goes to. So with the black frames, white mattes and beige wall color ... It will look like a Pottery Barn employee threw up on my walls.

Predo said...

I love it! I can't wait to come over and help paint! Maybe a little wash of some kind! Who knows. We first need to go to the store and see what colors they screwed up on and are 75% off. You can save big that way! Lets make it a date!

Frita said...

A small tear is rolling down my cheek...I'm so proud of you SSG! You are making real progress. Love the pics hung up. Are they of our most favorite place in the world?

Bella Della said...

You have no idea how happy this makes me ;)

Candy said...

Did you break into my house this weekend and snap a picture of my hallway? Creepy. I have the exact same color carpet, and the exact same pile of shoes, magnified by four...a pile for each member of my household. It's lovely.