Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Yuppieteria

Almost every day, my work posse and I head down to what I've deemed "The Yuppieteria."  It's like your elementary school cafeteria, only with ZERO french fries and a ton of guys in dress shirts.

A few months ago I noticed a guy looking at me.  He was cute, so I looked at him for a couple of seconds longer than just a quick eye gaze and then went back to talking to the boys.  A few minutes later, I glanced up and he was still looking at me.

"Do I have something on my face?"  I asked my work BFF.

I didn't.  

So I looked at the guy again.  

He was still looking.

SSG turned a million shades of red and didn't look at him again ... nor did she answer the guys question when they asked "what's wrong with you?  Are you sick or something?"

I never know what to do in that situation.  If we were in a bar, I'd smile or make my way past him like I was headed to the bathroom to give him a chance to say something.  But we were at WORK.  I was with a group of guys that make fun of everything I do or say.  NO WAY was I going to start flirting with a guy in front of them.  Especially without a couple of lemon drops first.

So I now see this guy at least a few times a week.  But I'm always surrounded by my work dudes.  Starey Guy is always with a group of guys HE works with and yet, we still manage to catch each others glance for a bit longer than necessary.

Last week after it happened again, I was kind of quiet as we meandered back upstairs.  Because:

1)  This could all VERY MUCH be in SSG's imagination. 
2)  The poor guy is probably wondering "why the F is that chick staring at me all the time?" 
3)  He could be a serial killer (SSG has been watching CSI again).   

I was back at my desk thinking about a potential strategy to meet this guy when an e-mail popped up on my screen.

It was from a friend of mine who I used to work with and who also still happens to have a crush on the quandary known as Quiet Guy.  The e-mail said:

"Hey!  Let's get together for lunch next week.  And keeping this on the down low, is Quiet Guy there today?  I e-mailed him, but haven't heard back."

All it needed was a request for SSG to take Quiet Guy a note that said "Do you like ____?  Check Yes or No."

Wait.  A. Minute.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CRUSH GAMES are still fair play in adulthood?!?!

Next week SSG is SO sending her work BFF over to Starey Guy with a note that says:

"Do you like SSG?  Check Yes or No."  

Only the note would also have the following caveat:  

"Or you can check this other box way down here that says 'Who is SSG?'  And if that box is checked?  Forget this little meeting ever happened."

(Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Sun Times.)

9 comments: said...

First of all if he IS a serial killer, he's not even very good at his "job" cause the intended victim should never see her killer staring at her openly in public where others could observe.
Secondly, if he is THIS BAD at his "job", maybe he'll consider changing occupations and become a really accomplished thief that can keep you in a manner in which you WANT to become accustomed.
I mean, think about it... ;-)

Unknown said...

and right before Valentine's Day? How friggin sexy is have got to keep us posted on the turn of events...or that would be stares...

Really funny post though and no, it never stops...the cliquey girls are still awful, the boys are still dumb, and the BFFs are still there for us whenever we need them.

Oh, how I adore you so!!!

You didn't Starey Guy hot? Even remotely in the realm of possibility?


P.S.- I posted the first segment on this whole being honest deal. See what you went and made me do...and it probably means I will have to discuss the drug use too...darn. LOL

Lys said...

OK, CSI - that will scare any single gal from EVER dating.

This is quite the development. I'm curious to see how it plays out :)

Molly said...

What were those little things we made in elementary school that you opened and closed to a chant to find the answer to what you were looking for? Sort of like a magic 8 ball made of notebook paper? Until I read this I hadn't thought of those things in ages.

Quiet Guy needs to help SSG out and go pass that note!

Bella Della said...

My ex-husband asked me out with a note like that in high school. I still have it in a box somewhere.

I am way excited there is a new boy to talk about. Let's hope this one does not end up in cuffs.

And the staring game is so fun!

I Am Woody said...

He likes you but is always surrounded by a group of guys that make fun of his every move too. I feel a romanve abrewin'!

Frita said...

I agree with Woody... he's into you SSG but he's around his guy buddies.

Do you know where Starey guy works? I think you need to time an elevator ride together or something.

Walk by him and a little louder than normal, mention to your co-workers that you're going to that coffee place at the bottom of your building. Bet he'll end up there...

Predo said...

Oh, Sunshine! You are precious! Just go over and ask him if he would like to come over to your house and play naked twister with butter! That should clarify everything! (butter......clarify......Ha)!!!!

Ian Allen said...

too funny. reminds me of Found Magazine.