Monday, January 26, 2009


This weekend was my first weekend I didn't volunteer with Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  My year commitment was up and last week we said our goodbyes.  For our last outing little sis wanted to see a movie ... Marley & Me.  A book and movie SSG has avoided like cheap vodka because (spoiler alert) the DOG DIES.  And SSG can't handle DOGS dying.  (But she sucked it up in the name of volunteer work and cried into a handful of Starbucks napkins.)

SSG is also not taking classes this quarter.  

WHAT does an SSG do with all of this free time?!  

For now, she's been getting caught up with friends, doing small projects around the house and WRITING.  

Fisher has settled in to this new routine very well.

This is a chair next to my desk that she's claimed as her own.

Until the boss tells her otherwise.

Das okayz, I yike it daun herez 2.

U haz cookeez 4 meez?

Yes sweet girl, but only if you promise to live forever.


Bella Della said...

I've been avoiding that movie for the same reason. I can't handle it. I also think I have seen the entire thing in the promos. And I hate that.

Happy to hear that you are writing. So fun.

Have a great Monday!

Lys said...

YAY! I want a autographed copy of the book when you are done :)

I haven't even thought about seeing the movie and now that I know the ending - yeah, not going to see it - tough cookies.

Sounds like you are going to have some relaxing weekends ahead. Please tell Fisher that Wiggs needs some help with the Dog/Cat drama. Apparently Wiggs didn't get the memo that you don't bite the cat.

Molly said...

Ack! I know, right? Saw Ol' Yeller once at age 7, never again. Saw Dances with Wolves, once age 20- or 30 something, they shot the wolf (close enough to a dog) never Black Beauty as a child - couldn't do it as an adult if I had to. Read Marley & Me before I had to put down Piper but in the book he lives to a ripe old age. Still. Ay carumba!

Candy said...

Fisher is the cutest dog I've ever seen. I love her.

Big Hair Envy said...

Poor Fisher! Cats are SO bossy:/

Unknown said...

I have to wait to rent the movie because HWM classifies that as a chick flick. I will be saving that for a meltdown saturday when I lock myself in the bedroom and watch crying movies all day long with a whole box of Kleenex.

I am trying to find chunks of time where I can write, but it is so mind always wonders and then I ask myself, WTF?

Keep it up girl, that book is gonna be done sooner than you know it!


I Am Woody said...

Yes, sweet baby, live forever!

Predo said...

Oh, tear! Now I am all sad. "Live Forever", you throw a low blow!!!!

I am glad you are writing again though! In fact, I love that you are writing again.

So, what about the guy who keeps looking at you? Any more "come hither" stares? said...

I miss you when you are gone for more than... 24 hours? OK, that may be a little clingy, but it would be nice if you could arrange to check in with your blog every time you take a potty break.
Inquiring minds!....;-)
OH! and I do NOT do sad movies! Keelan was trying to get me to watch Prayers For Bobby, a Hallmark movie that was on, I think, CBS the other day. She recorded it and I walked in while she was finishing up watching it. TEARS STREAMING DOWN HER FACE, BOO-HOOING IT UP! "Oh Mom, it's such a GOOD movie, you should watch it!"
Hell No.