Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things I Forgot to Tell You

Good Morning All!

SSG is dog sitting this weekend.  For those of you who have read for a while, I'm watching my neighbors' dog.  Yes, this dog.  The one that wakes me up before the crack of dawn.  Which is why I'm WRITING at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning and not ... oh I don't know ... SLEEPING at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning!  Because OHMAHGAH the WHINING.  I don't know what it is this morning.  Timmy might be stuck in a well or the dog has found a cure for cancer.  It's anyone's guess.  

So!  Here is a smattering o' stuff for you this morning because um ... sentences?  They aren't forming?  Complete thoughts?  Into?  Wait what?

Saturday Dinner Party

Last night I had a friend over for dinner.  I had been up since 4 a.m. (see above for explanation why) and had been running around all day.  Usually I'd cook something, but instead I got a frozen thin crust pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, a caesar salad in a bag and had her bring the dessert.  I set the table really nicely, put on some music and poured us some wine.  As I took the pizza out of the oven, dumped the salad in a bowl and put it all on the table I apologized to her for not actually, you know, COOKING us something.  "No worries, this is the nicest meal I've had in a while!"  Which begs the question ...

Do I REALLY Then Need to Cook a 7 Course Meal?

There are six of us at work who like to think we're foodies (we're totally NOT, I just think we all like food.  And also to drink).  I had mentioned to one of them that on some New Years Eve (like years down the road when I'm a grown up), I'd like to put together a wine paired, seven course meal.  

The idea stemmed from some friends and I going to a chef's choice, wine paired multi course dinner at Mlle Fleurs in San Diego a few years ago and it is perhaps my all time favorite dining experience EVER (also the most expensive).  Because we had such a great night of food and conversation, one of the guys that was at that San Diego dinner invited me over to his boss's house for a similar dinner MADE BY THE BOSS'S WIFE.  That too was an AMAZING dinner.  So the idea has been floating around SSG's mind for the last couple of years, especially since the boss's wife was able to swing doing something like that on her own with recipes from Gourmet & Bon Appetite Magazines and not some super secret culinary school/restaurant recipes.

Long story short (Too late!  Name that movie.)  The friend I mentioned it to at work, brought it up amongst the work posse and the thing snowballed.  We quickly got it under control with deciding it would only be the six of us attending (no one could bring friends or chicks they were trying to impress), they have to bring the wine and SSG has control of the menu.  We're also probably not going to do this until late March or early April ... so SSG has MONTHS to freak out instead of a week.  

There will be an appetizer, soup course, fish course, meat course, salad, cheese plate and dessert.  I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to make, it's just going to take some strategy to figure out how it's all going to go down.  I AM actually really looking forward to it.  And if the whole thing goes completely sideways, AT LEAST everyone will be too drunk to know any better.

Speaking of Food

My friend brought over a vegan chocolate mousse cake from Whole Foods for dessert last night.  My first thought was VEGAN?  SSG is not a VEGAN (see above for evidence) where's the real stuff?!  And then I got it.

SSG:  "Ah, now I get why vegans are into this racket.  Apparently there is a food called 'suck a nut'."
Friend of SSG: "There is NO WAY that is on that label."
SSG:  It says it RIGHT HERE!"
Friend:  Where?
SSG:  See S-U-C-A-N-U-T.  How would YOU pronounce it?  And don't say it with like Soo-can-oo or something.  There is CLEARLY no other pronunciation.
Friend:  (Looks at it for a second) Well ... chocolate is a replacement, right?  Why shouldn't vegans have theirs too?

(Edited to Add: Sucanut is actually an unrefined cane sugar.  Thanks vegans!  And the cake was actually REALLY good.)

Neighbor Formerly Known As Cute Neighbor (NFKACN)

I haven't seen or heard a peep out of NFKACN's house since the whole Cops episode he brought to the neighborhood a few weeks ago.   The girl roommate moved out (smart girl) and I was hoping he did too, but it doesn't look like it.   I was outside with the dogs yesterday and turned around to walk them up the street when I saw NFKACN move away from the window.

It kind of freaked me out for a second.  Like ... WAS HE JUST WATCHING ME FROM HIS WINDOW?!  THE NERVE!  FREAKER!

And then I thought of ME hunched on the floor of my room peeping through my blinds and watching HIM get hauled out of his house in his underwear by the cops ... and then um, promptly sharing it with the world on my blog and figured now we're probably even. 

Speaking of Starey Guys

SSG waited TWO or THREE MONTHS to tell you about Starey Guy.  And ever since she told you?  SHE HAS NOT SEEN HIM SINCE!  Seriously!  


So she is definitely NOT going to tell you about the SUPER HOT guy she saw in Starbucks Friday.  The one that made her stomach do a little flip over and stop listening to her work BFF for a few seconds because she got so distracted.

Work BFF:  Dude, are you even listening to me?
SSG:  Yeah, sorry.  Got distracted by Mr. SupAH Hot over there.
BFF:  Yeah, that guy is IN SHAPE!
SSG:  How do you even know who I'm talking about?!
BFF:  I saw him.
SSG:  He's standing behind you ... wait, can you move an inch to your right?  You just blocked my view.
BFF:  (Rolls his eyes and moves to the right.)  I saw him when we walked in.  He's a good looking guy.
SSG:  I LOVE that we can have these conversations.  Okay, wait move a little to your left you blocked my view again.

No, SSG is DEFINITELY not going to tell you about that guy.


The Incredible Woody said...

5am? On a Sunday? Poor girl!!

Predo said...

You Dirty little girl! Holding out on us! Stalking guys at the coffee shop! I know there is more to the story, and I am going to hold these Spree's hostage until you fess up! Don't make me hurt these Spree's!!! said...

And DON'T DO IT! If you start talking about SHGS, (Super Hot Guy in Starbucks), I will plug my ears and sing. La la la la la la la!
NOT until you get that fist date! Or, you know, make eye contact.

Frita said...

I wanna come to the 7 course dinner. Do you need an assistant...maid...sous chef?