Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where's SSG?

She will be taking her little sister (through Big Brothers & Sisters) to see this movie today.  Right after she finds her flask.


Predo said...

Do you know how cool you are? If it has not yet been said, Thank You for helping a little girl see what the world can be!

Good Luck, I hear Firemen find this movie very gratifying!

Lys said...

Should I pass you a lemon drop now or later?

Krissa said...

LOL! And what a role model you are! I am very proud of you! That is awesome!

belladella said...

You are so funny. I expect a full movie review tomorrow :)

It's so cool that you have a little sister. I know she must love spending time with you.

Molly said...

I have no words. Except 'atta girl.

big hair envy said...

Way to sacrifice yourself my dear!!! Seriously, your Little Sis is SO lucky to have you in her life:)

I just had a sip of wine in your honor.

You're welcome!!!