Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Guys Think About Thanksgiving

So yesterday at lunch (clam chowder smackdown) I asked five of the guys I work with what they were looking forward to most about Thanksgiving.

I heard crickets ... saw blank stares ... then heard more crickets.

"Is there something that's like a family favorite?" I offer as a means to get the conversation started.
"Um, turkey?" one of them offers up.
"Yeah, and stuffing I guess," another one says.

I thought about all of the people who are running around shopping this weekend and the hours that will be spent prepping this meal.  I thought about the ironing of tablecloths that get used once a year, the taper candles dug out from the back of the closet, the delicate oven dance that needs to happen to get everything on the table in time.  And THE memories!  The memories that must!  Be!  Created!

"Really?"  I asked, flabbergasted.  "Turkey and stuffing?  That's it?"  

I wondered if I had just solved the Thanksgiving stress for millions of American families.  Perhaps I solved the stress of the holidays in general!  I MUST spread this word as the SSG.  It is my duty!

But just to double check, I asked them again.

"So if you guys went to your house for Thanksgiving and had turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing you'd all be cool with that?"

"Oh no!"  They all panicked.  "That would totally suck!  You have to have EVERYTHING!"


Molly said...

Where everything = "it's not Thanksgiving without my mom's turnip souffle/rutabaga whip/parship surprise. Don't we have any?"

Not that that happened to me or anything.

Bella Della said...

No mention of football???

I am vedging with bellafella this weekend. He spent the day in the ER yesterday for a severe nosebleed. He now has a rhino rocket, which I lovingly refer to as a nose tampon in until Monday morning.

And why I am telling you this, you ask? Because on top of all that I am in there laying in bed thinking about the million things I need to get done from now until Thursday. Include thawing a 22lb bird! said...

Men are sooooo effin' oblivious to what effort it takes to do ANYTHING they are not a direct participant in.
It is shameful!
Well... MOST men.

Anonymous said...

I'll be heading to central Mississippi to meet four other men Thanksgiving morning, who are driving down to Mississippi from my home state of Wisconsin, with a trailer load of donated clothing and bedding to share with needy families there. Something we have been doing every Thanksgiving for the last 20-25 years. Maybe we'll run onto a little turkey and dressing there along the way, too.

Have a nice Thanksgiving, SSG!

Lys said...

See, this is why I DO NOT DO THANKSGIVING! I did it one year and about killed my damn self trying to make dinner for myself, my roommate and family and friends. Oh my heavens. Forget that mess.

Now, after I move to Philly, you know what's going to happen - I'll be roped into doing it again *LOL*

Predo said...

It is not the food itself, for me anyway. The food is the reward! The part for me, is having the house full of loved ones, all together and making the food! The cooking, the chopping, and yes, even the cleaning! Spending the time with those special people.

Having said that, What are you bringing over? Is it something sweet, like you?