Saturday, November 8, 2008


A week from tonight there will be a soiree at Chez SSG.  I am v.v. excited.  Mainly because I can get super drunk and not have to worry about driving anywhere.  And OH YEAH, I'll have lots of fun peeps over.  

(But I'm mainly really excited about the vast quantities of alcohol.)

SO!  I also invited some of the work friends.  I debated long and hard over whether Quiet Guy should get an invite or not and decided he probably should.  Mainly because we kind of run in the same work circle ... and by run I mean we go to lunch together occasionally and I worried it would be weird if I didn't invite him.  Not as weird as say, him watching me until I happen to notice him, but weird in a normal person kind of way.

Anywho!  This was our e-mail exchange yesterday:

SSG sends e-mail reminder to everyone about soiree on the 15th and includes address & phone number.

Quiet Guy:  I've got a football game that night, so I'm sorry I won't be able to make it.  Sounds like a good time though.

SSG:  Thanks for the heads up.  I wondered if you'd walk in, take a look around and then leave without saying anything.

Quiet Guy:  Touche!  But that'd just be weird and I'd never do anything like that.

(SSG mouths WTF?!? and shakes her fist at the other side of the cubicle.)


Predo said...

Okay, I have officially had it with quiet guy. I suggest that I take a half day at work, dress up in neon green and orange speedo, come to your office and do a desk top dance on quiet guys desk. I will bring my own boom-box, do the dance, and leave without a word. (granted, my stupendous package needs no words, but if he is straight, either the point will be made, or he will be completely guy shy from ever being naked in front of any one ever again!!)

Regardless, he will definitely need a shoulder to cry on, and I doubt he goes to your male co-workers!!!!

By the way, I have 20 hours of time off, and quite a collection of undergarments that match my perfect wardrobe!!!!

Look out quiet guy, a storms a brewing, but you can just call me "Daddy"!!!! (then he is all yours and completely submissive!!!!)

big hair envy said...

"I would never do that"....I would just make up a story about having to go to a football game to save myself the embarassment of attending your super cool party and feeling like a socially-challenged cuber who is still a bit disgruntled because someone else got to choose the "Clam Chowder Smack Down" restaurant yesterday.

Girlfriend, PLEASE tell me he is the sexiest man alive, or a part-time fireman, because I'm beginning to wonder if he's worth all of this. WE are supposed to be the ones to play games, NOT the men!! (Unless, of course, it's Wade. He is the ONLY exception. AND he sent me roses and firemen.) said...

I'm stumped! I do not know how to respond or relate to this guy!
I do know that I would be spending every spare second at work perched on the edge of his desk, short shirt, legs crossed, blouse unbuttoned JUST enough to show a little bit of lace... leaning over him, talking in a low voice...
Suicide would be the only way OUT for him...if he so chose.
Have fun at your party!

Molly said...

I'm betting this guy is SUPER shy and suffering from a crush on SSG and therefore paralyzed whenever communication occurs. Choosing to believe the positive. But in my observation, shyness can produce strange actions.

belladella said...

Oh no, creepy crush strikes again. I wish you could sneak a photo of him and secretly e-mail it to all of us. I am dying to see what this dude looks like.

Lys said...

Belladella, I think you are onto something. SSG, we need to see a pic. This guy, well, he's gone from weird to just beyond.

And your party sounds tres fun!!!!! I would NEVER forgo a fabulous party for whatever Crusher seems to want to hibernate with.