Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Big Three TV Watchers

Every Sunday morning, Fisher, Rainy and I make the long trek from upstairs down to the couch to watch Face the Nation, Meet the Press and This Week with George Stepahso'asdfs;ous.  

Our "Roundtable Discussion" includes Fisher, three year old half cattle dog, half golden retriever.  She represents the working dogs on Main Street.

And Rainy, left on a veterinarian's doorstep at the tender age of one week is now an 11 year old who stands for change.  He represents black and white coming together for the good of the country and shows that even though you might be born with nothing, you can still climb to the highest post in America.  (Read more about that here.)

SSG:  Thank you for joining me today.
Fisher:  U R welkom, u haz cookeez, rite?
Rainy:  It is my pleasure.

SSG:  So the big three automakers in Detroit want $25 billion, should we give it to them?
Fisher:  Hau manee cookeez kan dat byez?
Rainy:  I'm not so sure, what is their plan for this money?

SSG:  Well no one is quite sure.  They didn't bring a business plan with them to Washington.
Fisher:   Dey haz no planz?  I tink dey kan bye cookeez at dah storez?
Rainy:  Shush canine, we are not talking about cookies we're talking about cars.
Fisher:  I yike 2 go 4 rydez n carz.  We goes somewherez?
Rainy:  (see above photo for look he gave me)

SSG:  Do you think they have the ability to change?
Fisher:  Yez wee kanz!!
Rainy:  I'm not so sure. First of all, they're all probably dog owners.  Second of all, didn't they take private jets to Washington?

SSG:  Yes, but I don't see why being a dog owner would have an impact on their ability to change?
Rainy:  (see above photo for look he gave me)
Fisher:  Yah Ranee, u iz dog ownerz.

SSG:  Wait, Fisher I'm your owner.
Fisher:  Das not wut Ranee tellz meez.
Rainy:  (Yawns and stretches)

SSG:  Rainy, did you tell Fisher you're her owner?  Because I believe I'm the one who buys her dog food.
Rainy:  Well I'm the one who has to stay home with her every day.
SSG:  Well can you go out and get a job?  
Rainy:  Are you saying those who stay at home with the family make less of a contribution than those who make financial contributions to the family?
SSG:  When did you get so smart?
Rainy: (see photo above for look he gave me)

Fisher:  But I kan stil haz cookeez?
Rainy:  I'm going to go rogue and talk directly to the blog people to say this:  Rainy 2012!


Molly said...

Ok, I've been chuckling all day over "clam chowder smackdown". Now this. I love your round table. And Fisher should come visit - she'll fit right in. We have cookies.

Big Hair Envy said...

Oh, I miss Tim Russert! Rainy would have given him a run for his money:)

Rainy 2012!!!

Lys said...

SSG - I'm DYING OVER HERE!!!! Thank god Sunday is a no eye make up day or else I'd really be in trouble. HILARIOUS!

Tell Rainy that Shadow joins him in his opinion and he has Shaddy's vote.

Living on the Spit said...

Clam Chowder Smackdown is halarious.

Yes..Fisher and Rainey 2012!~

I also have Sunday news fest and I use to have a big crsuh on George Stephanopulous stuff a luposagus...he is still too cute.

Marlene said...

I would like to officially toss YOUR hat in the ring with Rainy. In 2012 the ticket should read Rainy/SSG for Prez!

Predo said...

That was fabulous!!! I will vote demo-cat next time!