Saturday, November 1, 2008

Loose Ends

Hello All!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday!  It occurred to me as I was puttering about my house this morning that I've left a few loose ends hanging that need to be cleared up!  These are no cliffhangers, mind you, just little things cluttering up my mind.  With all those brain cells I've killed from Grey Goose Lemon Drops (and let's face it, ACCOUNTING) I figured I need to get these loose ends out of there to have room for more important things ... like counting down the days until Baseball Spring Training (100-ish days until pitchers and catchers report!)

My Summer To Do List

Remember my summer to do list?  The thing to keep me busy so I paid attention to summer more than paying attention to my then upcoming trip to France?  Where instead I paid attention to crossing things off my list instead of paying attention to summer?  Catch up on that by clicking here.  Sadly peeps, I didn't finish all of it.  The items that were left to be conquered next summer are as follows:  Buy a vintage sundress (okay!), make a shell necklace (um, no), hang wind chimes (maybe?), create a summer haven (yes please!), see how they grow (see how what grows? hopefully they're not talking about plants because grow would have to be replaced with ... die), sell your junk (um? Yo no tengo "junk.") and find Shakespeare (big SIGH.  This is the one thing I was looking forward to--next summer, next summer for sure.  Future boyfriend are you reading again? Let's go to Ashland next summer, okay?  That should give me enough time to find you.)

The Mini Burgers

The mini burgers turned out GREAT!  But of course I would tweak them and do them differently next time.  The only part of the recipe that I didn't get was pickle relish.  In BURGERS?  WTF?  It was Rachel Ray's recipe which should explain it.  Next time I'll leave that out.  But a little A-1 steak sauce, grill seasoning and paprika never hurt anyone.  You roll a pound of hamburger into 12 little balls (haha) and flatten them down on a cookie sheet, bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes, then top with cheese when they get out.  I served them on those little Hawaiian buns (haha again!) and they were a HIT and got gobbled up.  I had to double the recipe because ... um, guys.  They EAT.  And speaking of guys ...

Quiet Guy at the Office

I've been getting asked about this A LOT since I posted about this weirdness.  This week he called me "the boss," called my burgers "cute," asked me to help him choose a Halloween costume and I think at one point he told me that I smelled.  Progress?  If progress means I still don't know WTF is up with this guy!  Good LAWD.  I ended up having to tell one of the interns ... sorry, FORMER interns (as he always reminds me) ... about it because PLEASE, I can not keep my manufactured drama to myself ALL DAY.  So we were standing at our office door waiting for another guy to run out with us and grab coffee and Quiet Guy walked out into the hall, looked at us for a few seconds and then turned around and walked back to his cube.  So now I might have to add "thinks we'll beat him up and steal his lunch money" as something to consider in my WTF is up with this guy scenarios.

Have a smashing rest of the weekend!



belladella said...

Now I can sleep ;) My mom (secret blog lurker) and I were just talking about creepy crush and wondering what was going on with that. SSG and creepy sitting in a tree....

Glad the mini-burgs turned out well. Rachel does get a wee bit carried away with burger recipes.

And you know, to-do lists are special bc you never really get to the end of them. It what always makes tomorrow something to look forward to.

Hey, can you tell I am hyped on a venti iced caramel coffee thingy with extra whip and caramel from Starbucks!?! :) Have a good night- I be up til Monday!

Predo said...

Oh, speaking of loose ends.......Congratulations! It's a blog! I have been toiling all day! When I feel my handy work is worthy of a view, I shall share it's location!

So say good-bye to Wah-Dah-Tay, and hello sexy to Predo.

Lys said...

Mini burgers, huh?

OK - lets talk about spring training, shall we? Will your boys and my boys be playing each other during Spring Training, I wonder and, if so, feel like going to a game.

Yes, I'm staying in Florida for another 7 months... :::sigh::: Irish will have to survive *LOL*