Friday, November 21, 2008

Fab Five Friday - The Boyfriend Edition

Nothing like a little man candy to start the weekend off right.

SSG's Fab Five Boyfriends are ...

Michael Vartan
Hot, speaks french fluently, HOT and Jennifer Garner's "Handler" in Alias.
Um, J'ai besoin de "handling!"

Wentworth Miller
Princeton graduate, tattooed genius on Prison Break and um ... YUM.
Cuff me.

Jon Stewart
Hilarious, intelligent, prematurely gray.
I'm sensing a theme with guys in suits ...

Xavier Nady
Former Padre, Berkeley grad, I'd totally let him get to first base ...
And second ... and ... well I think you know where this is going.

And a classic ...

Jake Ryan from 16 Candles
Siiiiigh ... SSG used to sit on her bathroom counter when she put her make up on for high school.  And she may have once or twice said "Happy Birthday SSG, make a wish."
Say it with me folks ...

It already came true!

Let's hear it peeps, where yo boyfrens at?!


Suz Broughton said...

If we could mix Jake Ryan and Jon Stewart we could create a superior male. Can you image. Well done!

Lys said...

I can't post mine *LOL* but you know The Georges (Clooney & Eads) made the list - oh and Marc Blucas.. and ummm.. well, ummm.. oh let me just shut up... said...

Oh, yeah! Those are some good ones!