Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend ABC's - P is for Party & Posie

I always convince myself that I don't have THAT much to do before I have a party.  I mean sure, there is food buying, beverage buying, cleaning, primping, napping ... stressing, but that shouldn't take too long right? 

SSG likes to spend a lot of time making lists and schedules in hopes to alleviate the stress that comes along with juggling every day life.  There usually is lots of downtime scheduled on the schedule and listed on the list.  And if you think that does anything to alleviate stress?  You'd be WRONG.

I drove into the Trader Joe's parking lot bright and early on Saturday morning to buy beer and wine.  (And side note to Norwalk.  I'm going to go out on a limb here by saying I don't THINK furniture was actually YOUR idea.  But I'll double check Wikipedia just to be sure.)  One thing about Trader Joe's that early in the morning?  The TJ DIE HARDS are there in FULL EFFECT.  I've never seen people LINE up outside a grocery store before. 

I was outside Trader Joe's and the Birthplace of Furniture so early they hadn't even opened yet.  So I sat in my car.  And listened to NPR.  I was one wheel of brie shy of being a liberal stereotype.

So after a run to TJ's, Target, Chevron and the grocery store I got home and decided Fisher needed a bath.

And by Fisher needed a bath, I mean my bathroom cabinets, floor, ceiling, shower curtain and me all needed one too.

I yike dah wahteR.  I ware partee clozes!  U haz cookeez 4 meez?

Wade came over early to help me out and executed the above cupcakes BEAUTIFULLY.  He did that so well I made him light about 1,000 candles.

This is the only picture I had time to take before people started arriving.  Before I knew it the party was in full swing.

Everyone had a great time (including me!) and finally left at about 1:30 a.m. ... which if you know SSG is about 80 hours after her bed time.  

If I had to take an "after" picture it would be of me, laying face down on my bed, still in my party clothes and the caption would be:

Chez SSG 
The Party Idea

(SSG actually skipped out on the Posie reading in favor of coffee, an ice pack and an extend-o date with her couch ... and her fear of getting arrested for stalking.)


Bella Della said...

I am so bummed I couldn't come. The private jet was in the shop and I had to play bingo with mom :) Your place looks wonderful and the cupcakes...Mmmm! Leave it to Wade!

I am laughing at the Fisher bath comment. At my house puppy baths equal full bathroom hose down. They are like little sponges and they wait until the exact moment you have turned around to grab a towel to fling the water EVERYWHERE!

Have a great Monday!

Predo said...

I want to help prep for your next party too! Your like Martha Stewart, only really nice!

By the way readers, the stack of cupcakes was all SSG! I simply put the filling in (she is far to kind). I will say that my flare for design forced me to sculpt the filling so that those overhanging bit looked precise (lies, lies, lies)......

Anywho, lets just say, SSG knows how to par-tay! Pink Lemonaid Martini's and Raspberry filled cupcakes! Seriously, it was like having a party with Queen Elizabeth!!!

OH, and she has the Super Coolest Friends! I mean it. I had a blast!!!!

Big Hair Envy said...

I was supposed to fly out with Bella, but she already told you what happened. Bummer about the jet. I didn't have to go play Bingo, but I DID go to an auction:) Can you say "Fiestaware"??

Sounds like your party was a hit! Did you happen to have any of those cupcakes leftover?? I'll email you my mailing address....

Lys said...

What a soiree!!! Go SSG! And Wade - well, y'all both need to come to Orlando for vaca!!!

Parties can breed chaos - especially the pre-planning and stuff but I'm sure you pulled it off like a pro :) aka a much nicer, non-jailjumpsuit wearing Martha!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Awwww thanks guys! Next party I have you're ALL coming--no excuses about jets being in the shop, like I haven't heard THAT one before.

Frita said...

Nooooo!!! Why did we have to miss it. Your place looks lovely...and cupcakes and pink lemonade martinis? Can we have these Thanksgiving weekend too? I'm so glad you had fun. I worked on a brochure for 5 hours. Boring!