Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend ABC's - B is for Bucket List, Brownies & Breaking the Law

If a Chevy Suburban is in front of you at a stoplight and they turn left and if you maybe didn't check the light but assumed you had the green does that mean you don't get a ticket if you run a red light?

You can TOTALLY blame it on the Chevy Suburban right?

Ok GOOD.  

I was on my way home from Wade & Jimmy's Saturday night and stopped at the aforementioned stop light thinking of what was on my "bucket list."  We had just watched The Bucket List after the most DELICIOUS dinner and it got me pondering about my life and its meaning and all kinds of other deep questions Morgan Freeman stirs within me (Hello?  Shawshank Redemption?  One of the BEST MOVIES EVER.)

So the Chevy Suburban started to turn left and I followed, assuming the light was green.  And I'm PRETTY sure it was green but all of a sudden these lights started flashing.  I panicked, looking all over the place wondering if there was an ambulance or police officer coming through the intersection and just as I look over my right shoulder a paparazzi size flash goes off right in my face.


If anyone Googles "SSG Traffic Camera" I'm sure there will be a picture of me with a wide eyed, mouth open, surprised look on my face.  Kind of like when Charlie Gibson asked Sarah Palin about The Bush Doctrine.  

So I'm counting on the fact that a Suburban was following the law ... or that its ass was big enough to cover my license plate number.

The End

Oh yes, and BROWNIES were made with my little sister (through Big Brothers & Big Sisters) so never fear.  If the Suburban's ass wasn't big enough, SSG is workin' on hers.


Bella Della said...

Yep, it is the Suburban's fault. Totally.

When I lived in Germany they had these traffic cameras everywhere. My dear friend was driving with her doggie and leaned over to get something and click, she saw the flash in the corner of her eye. Weeks later she received her ticket with the photo of the dog driving!!!

Predo said...

I am sorry Sunsine! You can always say that you were following the Suburban to explain how they broke the law! You were doing your civic duty!

At least it was a camera, so that you did not have to dig for you license and registation!

Wait a minute! Your SSG, why were you driving? Where the heck was the choeffer?

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, blame the Suburban!!

At least it was just a camera, and not an actual officer. Policemen are pretty adept at detecting Lemon Drops:)

Frita said...

So Mr. Bob just went to court to fight our ticket that we received in the mail. Ahem... we won't say who was driving .. because we don't know who was driving. Yea, That's right. Anyways, that was his defense and it worked. Well, that and he subpoenaed the officer who supposedly reviewed the tape. The officer didn't show and Bob was off the hook.

Thankfully, WA state doesn't take a pic of the driver. Just the license plate.

Belladella's response about the picture of the dog driving is too funny!