Friday, November 7, 2008

Fab Five Friday - The Retro Edition!

I hate CBS.  They cancelled my new favorite show this season--The Ex List--after FOUR episodes.  WHAT are they trying to do to me? 

Obviously kill me, that's what.

I was talking about it to my sister last night and it got me wondering what would have happened if they had cancelled my favorite shows growing up.

My life wouldn't have been the same without Vanessa's Halloween party when Robert becomes her boyfriend ... an episode I could (and did!) recite by memory.

Canceling us?  Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?

Where would I have learned about bartenders and the lemon drops they bring forth?

And if it weren't for "Pa," I'd never know that Half Pint wasn't just a small glass of Guinness.

And WHERE would I have learned what's appropriate for "Casual Fridays" at the office?

Now WHERE are my red boots and gold headband?


Unknown said...

You are so right and I also liked the Ex List. Sometimes I really wonder what is in the brains of network executives.

Did you really wear your red boots today? LMAO

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! I loved all of those shows! Never saw the Ex List though.

BTW - Could you Fed Ex me some of that Clam Chowder??? UmmK. Thanks!

Predo said...

I LOVE FRIDAYS! I am already completely out of control today, but your post took that one step further!!!

You could have also added McGyver and Fantasy Island and Knight Rider and The Dukes of Hazzard and DYNASTY and Mary Hartman and The Brady Bunch......Ah, there are soo many deserving nominees!

They should send me home now before I get fired. I am singing The love boat out loud!!!!

Bella Della said...

Ah, tv show memory lane. I second Predo's additions. And I will publicly out myself as a big DORK and add The Golden Girls.

Have a great weekend!

Frita said...

What??? No Fantasy Island? It was on right after Love Boat.

Again, chalking it up to our our wondertwin powers...and no I didn't see your blog before this morning... I was just thinking about his topic last night. I was watching Lipstick Jungle and wondering why they moved it from Wednesday to Friday nights. Then I started to think about my Friday night TV shows I used to love back in the day.

OK so we need to talk about Posy next weekend. Which day? I might have to make a run down there!