Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend ABC's - C is for Chillin', Cocktails, Chicago & Crazy

SSG had BIG plans this weekend.  Things like cleaning out her garage and finding a new suitcase for France.  Plans like going over to see a friend's new baby that was born almost 2 months ago that she still hasn't seen.  Plans like crossing off picking berries and getting a buzz cut to complete her summer to do list ... just kidding on the buzz cut.  SSG just wanted to make sure you were still awake because just typing that list made her tired.

Instead SSG decided to stay in bed almost all day on Saturday.  And bonus?  It TOTALLY satisfied #11 on her list.  It was delicious.  She had coffee in bed.  Watched movies on her laptop.  Read a pile of magazines and took a nap with her doggy.  She reluctantly had to pull herself out of HEAVEN and join a party in progress on a rooftop in downtown Portland's tony Pearl District.  She likes that the Pearl District is often referred to as "tony."  

The quiet guy from SSG's work was at the party.  The quiet guy from SSG's work is not so quiet after he's had a few or twelve cocktails.  At one point he looked over at SSG and said "why are you being so BORING tonight?"  Which SSG didn't take offense to because she was happy to finally see he had some edge.  Edge she was lacking after a day spent lounging, a cocktail and some chit chat with a beautiful skyline to gaze upon.  SSG loves rooftops ... and chit chat ... and who are we kidding?  Cocktails.

SSG thought she was going to know everyone at the party, but was surprised by "Chicago" mid evening--short brown hair, cute with good clothes.  SSG likes Chicago boys.  She also likes boys who come up and introduce themselves politely without a hint of the cheese factor.  Boys who seem genuine.  Did SSG feel this was a serendipitous meeting?  Yes.  Did SSG have a (Sometimes!) moment?  OF COURSE she did.  

Mid conversation with "Chicago" SSG's friend came to the party who had just spent the last hour getting seven stitches in his hand after a small accident.  SSG would have liked to tell him "Dude, talking to a cute new boy.  Move on."  But instead she had to feign interest over his ER experience (What?!  It wasn't like his arm got detached.  And this is a new BOY we're talking about.).  A couple of other boys SSG knows sauntered over to hear the tale and before SSG knew it, Chicago had left the conversation.  They would have quick exchanges throughout the rest of the evening, but SSG was always intercepted by someone else in the effort she now refers to as "Operation Box Block."  (Single peeps?  That one's for you.)

Toward the end of the night SSG grabbed her friend's apartment key to use the ladies room (Future husband if you're reading?  Her nose was shiny.  And she had to powder it.  And that's the ONLY reason.) "Quiet Guy" from the office asked if he could go with her.  Before SSG could answer, he stopped himself and said "wait, would that be weird?"

"Not unless you ask me to hold IT for you," she replied.  

What?  She hasn't COMPLETELY lost her edge.

(Hope ya'll had a lovely weekend too!  And if you're wondering where the crazy comes in?  I started a new food blog called The (Sometimes!) Serendipitous Kitchen.  Check it out if you have a second and let me know what you think!  Hope you like it!)


Big Hair Envy said...

"Operation Box Block"!! Too funny! When you're married, I think it's called "Being Cut Off"!! Bawhahaha! said...

Well, congrats on all the sleep! Hope you got a name and phone # from Chicago. Don't you hate it when everything is falling neatly into place and then, it's not. All of the sudden there is nothing you can do to get it back on track...

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to nail another number on your list and have a great Saturday! The party sounded like fun.