Thursday, July 17, 2008

As the SSG's World Turns

Things have been a little drama filled in the life of SSG this week.  One of the girls in the office left.  She liked one of the guys in the office.  Now that she's gone, the guy she liked feels free to flirt with the girl HE really likes.  Only the girl he really likes is not single.  She's engaged.  

Is Engaged Girl spurning his advances?

No, pumpkins, no.

Instead, SSG has to try and not gouge her earlobes out with a stapler while listening to the two of them flirt with each other.  As if that's not bad enough SSG had to listen to Engaged Girl whine when SSG dared to pay a compliment to THE ONLY OTHER GIRL left in the office.  Apparently Engaged Girl is worried that Flirty Boy will now start liking THE ONLY OTHER GIRL LEFT IN THE OFFICE all based upon the ONE compliment SSG paid her.

Um, if SSG really had the type of power to make people change course based on one sentence, she would ask them to stop this junior high school nonsense and bring her a lemon drop already.


Anonymous said...

AMEN, SSC! I think you should have a lemon drop, too! Office politics and relationships... Good grief! Have a good day!

Big Hair Envy said...

That sounds like an episode of "As Snow White's High School Rolls"!!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

At least it's like you get to watch TV at work. Still, ugh. I immediately thought of someone I used to know who would do that exact thing--flirt, whether married, engaged, or not--and want to keep all men only flirting with her. Even if the men were gross.

I had to laugh at your comment. That you suspect you may be the reader. I had a website last year that was not blog related--nonprofit stuff. And I actually spent some time and effort (mailings, fliers, etc.) trying to get it noticed, and I was pretty sure that most of the page views were me.

Lys said...

And I thought things were bad here 'round these parts... well, they are but I'd much rather have the amusement of co-workers bringing me cocktails to keep me sane instead of them bringing me crap to deal with *LOL*

Weekend plans, SSG?

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Thanks Coast Rat, I think I WILL Have a lemon drop! And BHE? Your daughter's high school friends are probably more mature than what's going on at work right now!

Ok, where was i? Now I can say I have TWO readers!

And Lys--I've got some Summer To Do Items to knock off that LIST! I'm behind!! And I'm sure there will probably be a lemon drop or two on the horizon ...

Hope ya'll have a lovely weekend as well!