Friday, July 4, 2008

Hapy Furt f Joolaye!

Gide 2 teh 4 f Joolaye
by Fisher

1)  Chayse teniz balz ... lotz f dem.
2)  Fynde wahter.
3)  Laye don n it.
4)  Reepete.

Haz a gud day humanz!

Teh Fish

P.S.  Yu haz treetz 4 me?


BoggyWoggy said...

Happy dogs make us all happy! Love the need to completely translate your post today!!!

HalfAsstic said...

What is sad is I read that and didn't need to translate a thing. I just read it in yellow lab.
Yes. I am multilingual. (I also do chihuahua.)
Happy 4th to you too!

Big Hair Envy said...

My dog says to tell your dog hello. He is on the bedroom floor crashed out after a fabulous day of fun in the sun:) Oh, and a few scraps to boot! Life is good.

BoggyWoggy said...

Theo the Wonder Basset has a message for you:
Grrr, baroo-roo-roo. Arfity, roo-roo.

That means: Happy 4th of July. I hate fireworks.

Lys said...

Awwww - the pup is so cute. Of course my cat would try to plot the pups demise.