Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Way to SSG's Heart is Through ...

Breakfast Burritos

(SSG walks into the office)

J:  You're late.
SSG:  It's 8 a.m.
J:  I thought you were going to be here early so I went and got us a breakfast burrito to split.
SSG:  Nice!
J:  I cut it in half and set your half to the side.
SSG:  Thanks so much!
J:  But then you weren't here.  So I ate it.
SSG:  Um, thanks?
J:  Now my stomach hurts and it's all your fault.

The Arcade Game Root Beer Tapper

K:  So SSG, remember yesterday when you were asking me if you could get the Tapper song as your ring tone?
SSG:  Yeah and you went on forever explaining why it wasn't possible and that I was an ass for even thinking it was?
K:  Yeah.  Well I was messing around last night and recorded it so you should be able to.
SSG:  Awesome!  Where's the recording?
K:  On my cell phone.
SSG:  Thanks so much!  Do you want to just text it to me?
K:  Oh no, I left my phone at home.


C:  Dude, SSG why are the Padres sucking so bad right now?

Any Coffee That's Not Starbucks

R:  You want to go grab some coffee?  I'll buy.
SSG:  Uh, yeah!
(Take the elevator downstairs)
R:  Where are you going?
SSG:  Stumptown.
R:  I'm not walking way the fuck over there.  Let's just go to Starbucks.

And this is why SSG has a firm policy of not dating guys that she works with.