Monday, April 14, 2008

I Wanna Have Some Fun

The eighties got brought up at work today.  There was much talk about Aqua Net, gel bracelets, fluorescent pink leg warmers and Reebok hightops.   And then the talk shifted to bands--Ready for the World, Stevie B and my fave, Samantha Fox (Was such a wild dame!  Ah!  What's in a name, Ssssss-Samantha Ssssss-Samantha!).  Many a cheerleading competition was danced to those gems.

I decided to have a little fun with the guys I work with as they reminisced about the posters of Ms. Fox they used to have hanging in their teenage bedrooms.

SSG:  Gosh, I can't think of the songs she used to sing (knowing full well what songs she used to sing).
Guys:  (Frantically Googling & shout in unison) "Touch Me", "Naughty Girls Need Love Too..."
SSG:  How did "Naughty Girls Need Love Too" go again?
Guys:  How can you not remember?  Okay, (start singing in unison) "Naaaaaughtyyy girrrrrls need. Love. To."
SSG:  (Biting the insides of her cheeks to keep from laughing) Oh yeah, I kind of remember now.  What was the other one?
Guys:  Touch me?
SSG:  Yeah, how did that one go?
Guys:  I can't believe you don't remember!  "Tooouuuch meeee, I want to feeeel your body, your heartbeat next to miiiiiiine!"
SSG:  Didn't she have one about wanting to have some fun or something?
Guys:  (Start singing unprompted)  Iiiiiii, wannnnna haaaave some fuuuuun?
SSG:  Yeah (starts laughing uncontrollably).
Guys:  Ahhhhh, daaaaaaaaaaamn!

You haven't lived until you've seen grown men in dress shirts singing "Naughty Girls Need Love Too."