Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Could be a "Real" Housewife!

This weekend's plans were ambitious:

1) Reorganize the kitchen so I can actually find the smoked paprika if I decided I ever wanted to use it.
2) Catch up on saved episodes of "The Real Housewives of New York City" before my DVR explodes.

I am happy to say one of those tasks was seen through to completion. The mutt was happy with my choice.

You know those US Weekly pages that show the stars "Are Just Like Us!" There may be a photograph of Reese & Jake at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Jennifer Aniston picking up her dog's crap on the beach. Well, despite the fact that I'm single and live in the Northwest, this weekend made me realize that Serendipitous Girl is Just Like the NYC Housewives!

1) I too have had A LOT of cocktails in New York City bars!
2) I also have a gay husband just like Alex.
3) My mutt has doggy play dates like LuAnn and Jill's dogs do.
4) Ramona is just as annoying as my mother.
5) I also roll my eyes at my mother just like Avery does! Never mind that she's 12 and I'm ... a few years older.
6) Bethenny's body? It's like looking in a mirror! (What's so funny, guys? Guys?)
7) Just like LuAnn, I have a Count in my life. He's actually a good friend of my three year old niece and her best friend, Elmo.

So if the above is any indicator, I believe I have the makings of my own show. Come watch Serendipitous Girl as she rides the MAX train to work, stares at numbers all day, watches the Food Network and shops the frozen prepared food aisle at Trader Joe's.

Bravo, I'll be expecting your call.


Markus said...

Good JoB! :)