Friday, April 4, 2008

What I Look for in a Guy

Last weekend I talked to my friend who also lives in a major metropolitan city and takes the train into work each day. She was telling me a story about how, when waiting for the train, she heard someone call her name. When she looked to see who it was she didn't recognize him.

He was ... I can't remember his name ... we'll just call him "Hot." Hot had been at an event that my friend put together and really enjoyed himself. He asked around to find out who planned the event and when he realized she wasn't there, tracked down her e-mail address and sent her a thank you to let her know how much he enjoyed himself. My friend was touched and kept the e-mail, but she had never met him. Hot and my friend ended up riding the train to their respective neighborhoods together and she found him cute and charming. So just to clarify ... 1) A guy went out of his way to say thank you to someone he never met. 2) Somehow recognized her in person, though they never had met previously. 3) Took the time to introduce himself. 4) Was cute and well spoken. Perhaps she should be called Serendipitous Girl?

I too rode the train home with a guy once. He was about 40, tall with a receding hairline and he dressed like Punky Brewster.

I watched him get on the train and couldn't take my eyes off him. He had a pair of wire rimmed glasses, a half mullet, a cross earring in one ear and a hoop in the other. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a rainbow stretched across the front, just like the one I had in 4th grade. He was wearing a pair of cut off short jean shorts, underneath which he had on a pair of purple tights, two pairs of socks and some Reebok high tops. It was cold that day, so he had on his Levi's denim jacket that was lined with sheepskin to keep warm. And my guy? He loved the jewelry. He was a total girl's guy. Every woman that got onto the train wearing jewelry he'd politely yell "I LOVE YOUR BRACELET!" When the women would say thank you, he'd respond by jumping up and down in his seat, clap his hands and point outside and say to no one in particular "look at the pretty flowers!"

I look for him every chance I get.