Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend ABC's

A - Is for Atonement, the movie that I watched this weekend.

B - Is for blubbering, which is what I did during the ENTIRE aforementioned movie.

C - Is for cookies, what I made to make me feel better after the above.

D - Is for Dog, who looks at me like like I'm the most pitiful human she's ever seen (see above for photographic evidence) when I am simultaneously bawling my eyes out and stuffing my face full of cookies.

E - Is for Elephants at the Portland Zoo who celebrated their 47th & 25th birthdays today, to that I give a "Uuuuuummmmmppppphhhhffff, birthday shout out!"

F - Is for Finslippy who gives me hope that you can still be a loving mom even though you occasionally think that children are monsters.

G - Is for Google Analytics for measuring precisely how unpopular I am on the internet (with graphs no less!) and taking away the scale's reigning crown for displaying the numbers that make me want to crawl under the covers with a pint or twelve of Haagen Das.

H - Is for Haagen Das Mayan Chocolate or Coffee Ice Creams.  Other makers of the ice cream, just go ahead and give up now.

I - Is for I Am Bossy who is in Portland tonight, yet I have no idea where because I am too chicken shit to have found out for fear that the cool group wouldn't let me enter their smart and witty fun club.

J - Is for Jake Peavy who is a genius pitcher even when he doesn't have his best stuff.  I heart Jake Peavy and his Alabama accent.  (Side note to Padres:  Can we kick the offense up a notch?  To like 12 runs when Chris Young is pitching?  Thanks!)

K - Is for "Killing me," which is exactly what Sunday nights (and Saturday's Padres game) should change its name to.

L - Is for Laughter which is what I did during a catch up with Spleen.

M - Is for Morning Radio Show Host which would be a job I'd like to try and TOTALLY rock the Casbah at.

N - Is for Nick, the name that should be synonymous with "player" (3 and counting!).

O - Is for OMG, I'm going to France in September!!!

P - Is for Paris which is where I'll be in just a few short months!

Q - Is for Quiet, something I will never be accused of being ... especially at work ... especially at about 2 in the afternoon when I get a maniacal case of giggles.

R - Is for Run for cover if you're ever around me when I start the above.

S - Is for Suffocate, which is what I think my coworkers would like to do to me.

T - Is for Trophy Cupcakes who stole my heart a mere three weeks ago.

U - Is for Uuuuuuummmmpffffhhh!  Which is TOTALLY the way you say Happy Birthday! to elephants.  Duh.

V - Is for Vajayjay, I hear Grey's Anatomy is comin' back ladies!

W - Is for Wooden Shoe Tulips in Woodburn, OR.  I was there today with the rest of the state celebrating the one day of spring we get this year ... which unfortunately occurred yesterday.

X - Is for X-Rated, which are my dreams when John Cusack is involved. 

Y - Is for Yes! The best word in any language.

Z - Is for Zzz, which is supposed to emulate the sound of a person snoring, and what I hope I didn't make you just do with this post!

The President of the "I Hate Sunday Nights Club"