Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Confidence Wears a Purple Tutu

This is my niece.  

And this picture?  It makes my uterus ache (my apologies to any guys reading this blog!).  I keep telling my sister and brother-in-law to have more kids so they can give them to me.  Surprisingly, there have been no takers.

I could easily devote an entire blog to writing about this little girl and her equally precious brother.  I would gladly hand over my life, house, car and ATM card to either one of them if they asked.  But the one thing that amazes me about this little munchkin more than anything else?

Her sheer confidence.

She is willing to go for it.  Whatever "it" is, doesn't matter--gymnastics rings?  Let her at 'em.  Raging Yosemite river?  She makes a beeline.  School, even if it means she'll be there without her mommy?  Yes please, and can she ride the school bus?  She wants to be pushed higher on the swing set, wants to barrel down the snowy Tahoe hillsides over and over again in a sled and frequently trike-jacks the neighbors tricycles to take them for a spin around the park.

And yesterday she took her first dance class.

I am so proud of you little one! 

Auntie B