Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Journey to Paris Begins with 4,590 Steps

So if I haven't already mentioned it a few hundred times, I'M GOING TO FRANCE! In a mere 5 months I will be strolling the streets of Paris, driving the rolling hills of the Luberon region of Provence and dipping a toe into the Mediterranean. Saying I can't wait is like saying if John Cusack walked in the door right now I would rip off his clothes and ravage his naked body in mere seconds. It's just a given.

When I picture myself strolling along the Seine and walking over the bridge to the Ile St. Louis, it certainly doesn't involve huffing and puffing as if I were about to blow the proverbial house down. No, no. I imagine myself virtually skipping, a face full of smiles, rosy cheeks and perfectly tinted lips. Definitely not a face full with beads of ... let's just call it dew, shall we?

So I decided to carry a pedometer with me today. I am a French girl inside, especially when it comes to food, wine and zee kissing. But I am ESPECIALLY a French girl when it comes to exercise. La Dolce Vita does not include La Gym. But after an oh so cold Portland winter and that oh so warm car of mine, spending time outside has meant maybe a 10 minute dog walk while dodging rain drops--or in the last week, snow and hail. In other words, it's time for Serendipitous Girl to move her ... what's the French word for ass?

So today I actually caught the MAX. I walked to and fro the train, up and down flights of stairs, pounded the downtown Portland pavement and came upstairs to my office happily plopping down at my computer to write you, dear readers. I figured I'd share my step count with you first! Aiming for 10,000 steps, I expected at LEAST 8,000--I did walk up FLIGHTS of stairs after all (read: 3, so what if 2 are in my house?). You can imagine my thoughts when I opened up the pedometer's little plastic case and it laughed in my face with the preposterous number of 4,590 (!).

I refrained from throwing the pedometer across the room, but needless to say folks, I've got some work to do. My goal is to, over the next 5 months, increase that--word that starts with mother and ends with ucker-- up to 10,000 steps. Since I'm an analyst and oh so good at math (what's so funny former 10th grade math teacher?) that translates to about 1100 extra steps a month until September. 1100 extra steps a month means roughly 275 extra steps each week. Which I'm SURE translates to a hop skip and a jump over to the bar for happy hour each day. No problem! After all, no one said Serendipitous Girl isn't all about physical fitness.


P.S. The Padres won their first game last night!
P.P.S. The saga of Love & Baseball continues tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Votre âne est chaud!

Anonymous said...

Ok...what kind of comment was that?

I'm with you sista!! Especially since mon ane est grand and I'll be skipping along beside you...lol

Not to mention the beautiful hill towns we will be visiting. I must find my pedometer somewhere and dust it off and get walking too!

Au revoir

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Mon amie Fifi! Bonjour! Thanks for popping by, meet Wade (aka the other anonymous)! 5 months and counting!