Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bright Spot. Bland Cubicle.

Mmmm. Mmmm.  Don't you just love the graininess of a cell phone photo and florescent lighting in the morning?  

Sure I had work to do.  Sure people were waiting for financing on their multi-million dollar projects.  I should have remained a focused analyst.  I should NOT have been reading blogs like hotfessional or amalah.  But sometimes you need a bright spot in a bland office.  And today was one of those days:

Bright Spot:  The cool intern was in today, which means Stumptown Coffee runs & lots of baseball chat.
Bland Spot:  Hearing a douche bag say "Yes'm" to a GUY ... repeatedly ... without sarcasm. 

Bright Spot:  Invite to Red Coach for yummy burgers and crispy, crinkle-y fries.
Bland Spot:  Irritating sales guy is back, and with a RUSH (!) no less ... have I mentioned that every deal of his is a RUSH(!)?  I think he's afraid his clients will realize what an ass he is and he recognizes that he's got a short window to pretend otherwise.

Bright Spot:  This gorgeous orchid.
Bland Spot:  I bought it for myself.

Bright Spot:  The off duty fireman pulling out of the fire station in his hot, big, guy Dodge Ram.
Bland Spot:  The jackass in the Toyota Corolla that would not turn right on a red light despite the fact that the car in front of him pulled all the way into the crosswalk to give him room so he could.  Dick.

Bright Spot:  The conversation via loud whisper that happened between two guys that sit next to me:

Guy 1:  (Asks a question.)
Guy 2:  (Doesn't respond.)
Guy 1:  (Says loudly) Are you mad at me?
Guy 2:  (Says quietly) Yes.
Guy 1:  (Whispers) So we're no longer talking?
Guy 2:  (Whispers back) No.
Guy 1:  (Whispers) What can I do to make it up to you?
Guy 2:  (Says softly) Hold me.

Bland spot:  Having a guy I work with ask me to interpret a dream he had.  Uh, wha?

Hope your day has been full of bright spots!