Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend ABC's - P is for Pissed Off, Privates & Puppies

How to Piss Off SSG:

Blogger:  Um, where the hell have you been?  
SSG:   I know, I suck.  But there has been SUN in Portland Blogger and NO rain for like 3 days! 
Blogger:  So.  Are you going to post or what?
SSG:  Yeah, but you don't look the same.  Did you get a new outfit or something?
Blogger:   I'm making some changes.
SSG:  Awesome!  I can still do everything the same though, right?
Blogger:  Yep.
SSG:  Are you sure?  I know I have no idea what I'm doing, but you seriously don't look right.
Blogger:  Nope, go ahead, here's this HUGE space to type in and see that little flag that says "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically!"?
SSG:  Yes.
Blogger:   I don't really have to spell that out any further, do I?
SSG:  Okay, if you're sure (SSG starts typing the warmest, best, wittiest post she has ever written).

(45 minutes later)

SSG:  Ok, I'm done!  Now publish post, okay?
Blogger:  Uh, what?
SSG:  I'm ready.  Now go.
Blogger:  No.
SSG:  What do you mean no?
Blogger:  (Blatantly ignores SSG)
SSG:  Um hi, Blogger?  Hello?  I was right, it isn't you, is it?  You're like the evil twin of Blogger?
Blogger:  No, it was me.
SSG:  So you'll publish my entry?
Blogger:  No.
SSG:  But you always save automatically so when you're done with this little mood swing I can go back in and publish?
Blogger:  Nah.  I was just kidding about that whole auto save thing.  

So when Wade called and asked if I wanted to come over and taste the wine he spent all day Saturday picking up from private vineyards, I'll give you one guess as to what my answer was.  And the wine was DELICIOUS ... all 2 1/2 bottles of it that we went through.  And good thing he had a dessert wine too because, well frankly, what's a wine tasting without the dessert course?

So you can imagine how GREAT I felt this morning.  But not to worry, not only are SSG's abs made of steel, her resilience is too.  And there isn't much that a 5 gallon drum of water, a bottle of Advil and going over to see R & G's new PUPPY can't fix.  And my little world is at peace, even though it is a Sunday.

Say hello to Owen, my new crush up there.  Does anyone have any bail money I can borrow?  I might need your phone number too just in case I get caught trying to steal him.  You guys are the best.  

Hope your weekends were lovely!

PS.  The best, warmest, wittiest post will be attempted again tomorrow.