Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cute Neighbor & Christmas Unwrapped

The pajama party is OVER. 

The snow finally stopped on Christmas night and it has been raining ever since.  Not that I'm complaining, the rain is washing all of the slush away.  As is the random tractor that showed up in my neighborhood this morning.  Who has a tractor in the burbs?  

At this point, I DON'T CARE.  Thank you Random Tractor Guy!  

My guess is that in one more day there will be no evidence of the white stuff that has almost put me in a straight jacket.  Taking no chances, I am leaving my car parked safely in the garage and will venture out tomorrow teary and shouting "thank gawd almighty we are free at last!"  (There really is no need for a straight jacket, I PROMISE.)

So!  Who wants to hear about Cute Neighbor?

You don't?

Ok.  Bye!


Cute Neighbor gets to keep his name.  He is CUTE peeps.  I caught a ride to the grocery store with one of my other neighbors and as we were coming home, we caught sight of him trying to get his car into the garage.  I walked up, arms full of groceries, offering my help and praying the whole time that he wouldn't take me up on it because REALLY?  What help is SSG going to give someone about getting cars out of snow?  Maybe:  "I think it's supposed to thaw this weekend, just LEAVE it.  It's FINE that it's in the middle of the street.  People can TOTALLY go around."

"Oh thanks for offering, my roommate (please take note of the word ROOMMATE) is coming down." He answered nicely and then came over to shake my hand (firm handshake, no wet fish action which SSG hates).  "It's nice to finally meet you.  Who's this?"

"Huh?" I asked, completely forgetting my neighbor's adorable son who was carrying Fisher's bag of dog food behind me.  

Because his eyes?  BLUE!  
His smile?  Yummy!  
And his outfit?  NICE! 
(Jeans, good shoes, ironed tucked in shirt and a nice jacket--SSG's like the Terminator in the "once over" department.) 

"Oh!" I managed to pull it together.  "This is (insert NEIGHBOR'S name here loudly) son." 

Just then, his "roommate" came out.

A girl.  

Who also introduced herself.  And was really nice.  

But is a GIRL!

Cute Neighbor has a GIRL roommate ... who was in pajamas.  So he obviously is PERFECT FOR ME because he likes girls that WEAR PAJAMAS.  

And she's from the midwest somewhere so she helped him get his car out.  While SSG stood like a delicate little flower with two other neighbors quietly supervising and then said "you're welcome!" when he thanked us.  For doing nothing.  

Isn't that an AWESOME story?

Predo was like: "Where does he work?  Was that his girlfriend?  Where is he from?"  
To which I was all:  "I have no idea."
And then Predo was all: "Well that doesn't sound like a successful meeting."

So if YOU'RE all "I want to know more!"  Tell me what questions to ask and next time I see him I'll tackle and sit on him until he answers. 

I'm sure he'll LOVE it.  As will his "roommate" when she sees the random neighbor girl straddling her "roommate" interrogating him for the interwebs. 

Who wants to date SSG?  It's REALLY fun!

And then Christmas!  This was the first year I didn't fly home for Christmas since I took a few trips this year.  Perhaps you heard I went to France?  I didn't talk about it much.  Luckily I didn't have catching a flight to add to my stressful staying home from work and cookie baking worries.  My poor dad, who lives in Seattle, couldn't make it down to L.A. which is where my sis, brother in law and niece and nephew are.  

Predo & Jimmy took me in.  And forced me (totally unwillingly) to taste every liquor in their liquor cabinet.  (As I'm sure many of you saw when "Predo" commented on his own blog).  We had a great time.  Jimmy is an awesome cook.  Predo is an awesome bartender.  Their friends are awesome dish washers.  And SSG is an awesome bar stool warmer.  We had a white Christmas and there was a moment of panic when MORE SNOW dared to fall from the sky.  

Predo remedied the panic with his own libation creation.  Perhaps if all of you ask him, he'll share the recipe.  I totally would, if I could remember.  I only remember it having a really inappropriate name and being DELICIOUS.

How were YOUR Christmases?


FB @ said...

Ahh.. to live vicariously through you :)

Fabulously Broke in the City
Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver...

Unknown said...

What a glorius post...I have been all doped up on medicene and the recipe having these awesome dreams about you and cute neighbor.

Okay...he did not say the dreaded GF word...nor did he say the F word...he said ROOM in separate bedrooms. So, I think the gate might still be open. I will be praying...oh, you should totally make a "Glad to have Met YOU" basket and take it is a neighborly thing to do and it can't hurt.

I am glad you got kidnapped by Jimmy and Predo. That sounds like fun. I am free on New Year's Eve...wanna come kidnap me?

Love you,


Predo said...

Okay, the secret recipe, creation, libation, whatever.....I think we shall call it - "Martini Pour SSG!

We made them in "threes" so here is the recipe for three of these....

1 shot creme de menthe
2 shots Godiva Chocolate liqueur
3 shots very smooth Vodka

Shake in ice shaker and poor into three martini glasses (larger the better). This should fill each glass about half full, then complete the other half with heavy cream (or whipping cream).

Serve and repeat.......serve and repeat.....serve and start taking photo's to relive the moment tomorrow!!

Merry Christmas SSG, it was wonderful to spend our Holiday with you!!!!! I hope Cute Neighbor knocks on your door wearing nothing but a BIG red bow!!!!

Bella Della said...

You totally crack me up. Seriously, I love you :)

I am totally thinking this is just a roommate- if not he would be in trouble with me if I were his girlfriend or fiance that was introduced to SSG as roomie.

NEED MORE INFO! I will think of a list of questions :)

Rhi said...

I just did laundry from last week - which included one full load of jammies.

And, why can't I have a cute neighbor? I'm not single, but it would be nice to have something lovely to look at around here. said...

OH. MY. GAWD. What are we gonna do now!? do we go over with a plate of cookies for them as a "Nice to meet you and welcome to the neighborhood" gift? If the roommate is more than just a roomie, she will totally see through this... I think. Huuuuum?
Of course we don't care if HE sees through it. *nudge, nudge*
I will head on over to Predo's site as soon as I get a bath. John is heading home soon and I is stinky... Too much info?

Molly said...

Ok, I could've sworn I left a message here but it appears not. First: the SSG libation sounds really good - there may be a recreation here on New Year's...and here's my question: Did he know/work for/otherwise associate with Bernie Madoff? No? Pass go, and collect one date from SSG!

Lys said...

OK, my cute neighbors are NOT cute. NOT. AT. All. :::sigh:::

Girl Roommate, huh? Wonder if SHE calls him a roommate. Guy speak could mean "Yeah, chick I hook up with now and then" or "Roommate, definitely - she's like a sister. NOT. Ever!" (sorry -don't mean to be debbie downer - I say you need to investigate the matter thoroughly! Your readers are counting on you to solve the case)

OOOHHH - Thanks Predo for the cocktail recipe - must try. Any cocktail that has SSG not sampling a lemon drop must be divine...