Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Road Trip!

These guys are goin' on a road trip to Washington!  Well at least TWO of them are ... or say they are.  That guy on the right says he doesn't release his plans for "safety" reasons.  

I don't think he's talking about his cars?  Perhaps he's keeping himself safe from disgruntled Home Depot workers?

But!  It occurred to SSG that these guys might need some help.  SSG doesn't have billions of dollars, but she has been on MANY road trips.

The perks of flying private jets are HUGE.  With concierge services, "nannies" (ahem), hairdressers and private caterers on board, the thought of the open road may seem a bit daunting.   But rest assured automakers, there ARE 24 hour services available.  And if they're not IMMEDIATELY available, they'll courteously tell you exactly when they will be.

SSG understands you're worried about safety.  As well you should be.  Where you have private security detail (armed or unarmed!) on private jets, you really don't need that on the road!  Because you have these. 

And don't you worry about that 24 hour catering, you can find that as well.  

Remember to show your value meal receipt to congress!  We're aiming for fiscal responsibility!

And last but not least, SSG understands you might get lonely in your cars.   Where some people say that you should carpool, SSG thinks that's just silly.  You're CEO's for lawd sakes!  You need your privacy and you'd NEVER want to share your secrets for running companies into the ground with your competitors.  So SSG is offering an alternative ...

Oprah is available to you on XM radio!  And TRUST me, no one is going to get mad at you for listening to Oprah.


big hair envy said...

We peons are very resourceful:) I hope they listen to your suggestions, because the travel savings alone would be enough to get our country out of debt. I've often wondered why auto maker CEO's wouldn't travel by CAR! DUH!

Word Verification: ithin I Thin
The underlying message is "GO TO THE GYM, FATTY"

belladella said...

Imagine that, an auto exec traveling by car???? Love these suggestions. I will save these for the Virginia blog visit to SSG!

Predo said...

And SSG does it again. Maybe you should change to a public relations post! I hear the "big 3" and insurance companies like AIG are in dire need!

SSG should be on Oprah!!!! (preferably the naked Firemen special....)

Lys said...

LOVE this post - seriously, it makes perfect sense.

And Predo's right - this is definitely publicist spin worthy :)

Living on the Spit said...

I almost fell out the last time when those fools arrived by personal jet the last time they went to the hill. I am so glad that this country will be ridding itself of selfish idiots!!!

I loved your post.

Miss and love you.


HalfAsstic said...

You really do need to print, place in envelopes and mail this to the said executives.
The really funny thing is that the "big three" auto makers would not ever DARE travel anywhere in their own brand of transportation. Not fancy enough.

Molly said...

Loving Bob Nardelli, are you? He was such a ray of light here in Atlanta.