Monday, December 22, 2008

Can You Come Out and Play?

Hi!  SSG is going INSANE!

It's snowing.


My office is closed and I'm so bored, I've even made up my own meme!  

Want to play along?  


Stop it!  Yes you do!

Take a photo of the following:

Something you can see from your window.

These are icicles that formed on my neighbors house.  I don't know these neighbors.  So I hope they don't mind a crazy girl standing on her back deck taking photos of their house.  

Something from your kitchen.

Isn't this teapot the cutest thing you've ever seen?  My sister bought it for me years ago and it has made the trek from a ghetto apartment in San Diego to my house now ... and every apartment in between.  As reward for it never breaking, I keep my ground coffee in here.  SSG is CRAZY like that--using a TEA container for COFFEE!  (Sorry, there really is nothing funny that happens to SSG when she has been in her house for MONTHS.)

A book from your bookshelf.

This is one of my favorite books and is always out on display (on an old table of my Gam's no less!  Please pardon the dust, readers.  And Gam.)  I love its dog eared pages and the way that Eiffel Tower statue (one of the few items I brought back from Paris) is required to keep it closed.  Often times I'll walk by and open it to a random page ... let's do so, shall we?

A quote by Coco Chanel ... "It's not houses I love, it's the life I live in them."  


Something from your closet.

I know us ladies are fond of the little black dress, but I LOVE this little red one.  This has made the Christmas party ROUNDS.  I wore it three years in a row due to moves and new jobs and still hope no one noticed.  But I can't look at any other Christmas dress without feeling like I'm cheating on it ... which is why I wore jeans and a cute shirt to my boss' Christmas party this year ... and was still over dressed.  I love working with guys.

Something you love just because.

I bought two of these pillows at Target a couple years ago.  If they ever left my house, I would cry.  Polka dots are an SSG favorite.

So if you love SSG ... or even like her a just a little ... come out and play!  

Or a comment would do!  Like you guys that never comment.  Hi!  I see you!  And where I do appreciate the strong silent type, SSG's sanity rests on your shoulders.

No pressure.


Big Hair Envy said...

What a cute meme! Polka dots are a BHE favorite as well:)

I'm SO sorry that you are snowed in. Did you ever get a chance to finish your Christmas shopping??

I hope there were un-read books on that bookshelf. Too much television really isn't good for you.....but BLOGGING is:):):) (Insert maniacal laughter) said...

HI! I'M COMMENTING! I'M COMMENTING! I woudn't want for one minute to think your sanity, (shaky-at best?), rested on my shoulders! I have often wondered how to get the lookie-Lou's to comment on mine. Bugs the crap out of me. Same peeps from the same place, day after day and they never comment!
Polka dots- love 'em. HATED them as a child.... weird, huh?
Your meme is truly inspired and I will play along soon!
Hope they dig you out before too much longer and I REALLY hope it's the fire department that does it! Yeah! FIREMEN!

Lys said...

SSG - I'm sorry you're bored :( Listen - come to Orlando and I'll go deal with the snow and Fisher. Trade!?!?! Okay fine then.

The meme is a great idea - I'll have to do it some point this week. Oh - and that teapot - I'll trade you one lead singer for it ;)

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Awwwww BIG smooches to my ladies! I love you guys! And Lys? I'm shipping that teapot to you right now. Please send lead singer immediately. Somehow I feel like THAT might just be the cure for my boredom.


Predo said...

I take your Meme and raise you one! Listen to the dedication I made for you at the bottom of my blog! I just heard your name on it!!!

By the way, did you run next door to see if cute neighbor guy is doing okay? He might need "warming up"!

Molly said...

Sorry - I was out last minuting all day IN THE WAY COLD AIR THAT HAS ZOOMED in FROM the NORTH POLE~~hello, frostbite? yes, THIS IS THE SOUTH calling. We're the ones who deal with heat and killer humidity as early as April in order to avoid YOU, Frostbite. And i went to a 9:30 am dentist appointment that didn't exist ON MY DAY OFF and walked in a HEAD WIND of at least 25 mph to get there. All the whining is to say I FEEL YOUR PAIN NOW. I was concerned about you before, now, it's active militant sympathy.

whimper, sniffle, wah!!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

To My Precious Predo - I love your meme! And you! And the song! Because of you I WILL survive. If I knew how to put songs on my blog I'd send you a little Celine, or Bette ... or who am I kidding? BABS STREISAND ; )

To Adorable Molly - I'm SO sorry you're cold! I think we just have too much up here it's spilling down south. Kind of like my butt will be if I don't stop eating these cookies I baked.

Molly said...

Blog to go look at the wonderful photography and thought provoking narrative. I found this guy, John Katz, when I had to have a dog put down b/c of aggression, and his book was helpful. Now he lives on a farm in upstate NY with his border collies, sheep and donkeys. Great blog:

Living on the Spit said...

I agree that this is a fantastic meme and yes, I will play...only it may be tomorrow...or later on tonight since I am now way to hyper from extreme amounts of caffiene.

I love the icicles even if they are your neighbors...I wish I was your neighbor.

That red dress is stellar! I love the color is my favorite.

I see a lot of polka dots in the fabric stores...I may have to make SSG something now that my christmas gift making is coming to a close. Pillows or table runner or table topper or whatever you want would be my pleasure...

I hope this may help your feelings of insanity. Fisher...tell Mommy to quit eating your cookies!


belladella said...

Oh god, this situation is getting desperate- you are making up memes :) And good ones too! Perhaps I will join in tomorrow!

Hugs to you!

What is this- Day 73 of captivity now?

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Molly, that is a great blog! I seriously think I'm a farm girl in hiding. Now I have a place to go after Bella Della's!

Marlene - YES come be my neighbor! It'd be so fun! And I'm starting a sewing class in January--you've inspired me. I might eventually live in a polka dot palace.

Bella Della - It's like day 1,002! Luckily I just got back from my neighbors. THANK GOD for them. And you all!

Frita said...

bob... i will do your meme later today. Fun!! Of course I have that same book sitting right on my little desk here... love ya my twin! So how do yo see who is looking but not commenting? Is it anything other than a blog counter?

xoxo - work today?