Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Message

SSG walks into the office.

Co-worker #1: Are you feeling better?
SSG:  A little bit, thanks.
CW#2:  Shoot.
SSG:  ?
CW#2:  I saved your voicemail from calling in sick yesterday.
SSG:  Blank stare.
CW#2:  It's HILARIOUS.  
SSG:  Blank stare.
CW#2:  It's so funny, I think you'll appreciate it.
SSG:  Blank stare.
CW#2:  But maybe we should wait to listen to it until you're feeling better.


belladella said...

I was just about to e-mail and check on you.

I see that you survived going back to work but what in the world??? What's on the message? Did Fish call in for you? :)

Predo said...

Want me to come over and shoot them for you?

Lys said...

How funny could a "I'm calling out sick" message be? What were you - at the hospital's door croaking? Let's whap the coworkers, please...

Krissa said...

I'm afraid for you now. Not about the illness... but this coworker needs a humor adjustment. Maybe an intervention is in his best interest?;-)

Frita said...

Bob!! I'm glad you are out of the house. I hope you are feeling better and survive your co-workers today!!

Suz Broughton said...

I want to hear it! How funny could it be? What do they hang out in doctor's offices at lunch time? Do they watch Grey Anatomy just for the surgery scenes?

big hair envy said...

Is it possible for you to share that with us? Heehee:) Don't they have anything better to do?