Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where's SSG?

SSG is spending some quality time with her couch and TV ... and every drinking glass and kleenex in her tiny house.

When SSG is sick?  She goes through LOTS of drinking glasses.  (Apparently she is a firm believer in staying hydrated.)

But she wishes she were with these two ...

This is SSG's niece and nephew.  

And um, sorry, but if these two aren't the most precious things you've ever seen in your life they will be once I tell you this.

My nephew had to be dragged off Santa's lap by my sister and as they were walking away, blew Santa kisses.  And when my niece forgot to tell Santa that my nephew wanted a dump truck they decided they'd write letters to Santa.  And if the letter that Auntie Bucky got in mail with her sweet drawings inside were any indication of what she sent to Santa?

My guess is my nephew is going to get his dump truck and my niece is going to get ANYTHING she asks for.


belladella said...

They are absolutely, amazingly, astonishingly beautiful and adorable :)

I hope you feel better soon. I am picturing the scenes with Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail when Tom Hanks comes over and there are kleenex everywhere. Remember he brings her daisies? I am sending you virtual daisies and hugs to feel better soon.

Predo said...

They are simply PRECIOUS!!!!!

You have to feel better soon so that you can help Santa by building a dump truck!!! Maybe one of the Elves on the Fire-Brigade will be looking for a date!!!!

I bet Fisher is all curled up next to you right now! LOVE HER!!!!! Nurse Fisher!

Lys said...

Awwww - SSG - take Nyquil - I mean it. And Get Better!! Tell Fisher that she'll get extra cookiez if she takes good care of ya.

As for the munchkins, they are absolutely adorable. I think that Santa will definitely have a few surprises in store for those two.

Molly said...

They are adorable! Blowing kisses to Santa - it sounds like a Christmas movie, huh? And I bet Miss Fisher is right there with you keeping your tootsies toasty. Take care - take drugs - Feel Better!

Fabulously Broke said...

My heart just melted... they are adorable, and I love that your niece wrote to tell Santa that her baby brother wanted a dump truck... said...

That is totally awesome. Adorable kids, a Santa with a real beard, and I have apparently we shop at the same furniture store as I have three of those chairs in my bathroom for lounging. ;-)