Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wer FiSHeR iz?

Les go playe n dah snowez!

Wut?  U knot redeez?  K, i jus sitz behine u til u redeez.

R u redeez yetz?

Hi snowez!  U haz cookeez 4 meez unders herez?

Wut so funneez?

I wach teh sledz go downz hillz.

S coldz on mai buttz.

Kan we goez 2 dah hous nowe?

Das mush beterz.


Predo said...

City Dogs are just not used to the snow! Just the way it should be!

Is Fisher wishing for Mommy to stay home again another day?

Molly said...

Fisher was raised right. Fireside is the way to go. Notice how she quickly assessed the situation and determined a course of action? I'm sure she learned that from her mommy.

belladella said...

Fish has it right, enjoy the snow while laying by the fire. Are you home again today or trying a new form of transportation? I have so enjoyed your tales from the bus and cab.

Lys said...

*makes mental note to get new apartment with fireplace if faced with snowy/chilly conditions*

Fisher moves quick in the snow but he should learn that snow does not have cookiez...

Living on the Spit said...

Fisher does have it right! That is where I would be also after playing in all that glorius snow. I saw on the news this morning that ya'll were getting more snow x2.

Tell Fisher for me, that those are not lemon cookies in the snow. Hehe.

Love ya,

Your Sister


Frita said...

happy snow day to you! hope you fish, and rainey have a lovely day!