Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In a Word

I haven't seen my work BFF for over a week.  He came into my cube yesterday saying only one word:


"Dude" can mean almost anything between us but the meaning is usually a given depending on the inflection with which its said.  Allow me to translate.
  • I HAVE to talk to you, like NOW. (Said quickly.  Followed by a head nod toward the door.)
  • You're so LAME.  (Said with an eye roll.  Usually by me.)
  • Ohmahgah, did you HEAR what (insert coworker 1,2,3 to infinity's name here) just said? (Said with an exclamation point and eyes open WIDE.)
  • Are you STILL carrying out your jihad on the polar bears?  (Said all curt and judgey like.  Followed by a point to my paper Starbucks cup.  Always by him.)
In yesterday's case "DUDE," said while carrying his organic, free trade, vegetarian, biofuel, made by eskimos in conjunction with the polar bears adopted by the ASPCA and blessed by a rabbi coffee cup, meant: "Must. Get. Coffee. Now."

While in the elevator I brought up "Vacation 2009: Bigger & Badder!"  Or not?  

"Dude.  Yeah."  (Translation: BFF was in the same quandary.) 

We each have four weeks of vacation time that must be used in 2009 ... and SSG has no major travel plans until 2010 when she's planning a trip to Italy (SSG has GOT TO SAVE, because this time?  She's getting some table linens.  I curse you fiscal responsibility in Provence!)

On the one hand, SSG is hesitant to take trips because of the fragile economy.  On the other, she smells DEALS.  And if she can just trim her latte habit, shave her eating out & happy hour habits and continue to turn the occasional trick, SSG might just be goin' on a little vacay next fall. (Totally kidding on one of those money saving methods.  I'd NEVER dream of giving up my happy hours.)

After having to explain why traveling to see every University of Oregon Ducks road game was NOT in SSG's travel plans, but still could be in work BFF's, SSG came up with the following list of places.  One of which she'd like to visit next year:

Savannah, Georgia
It's mainly because SSG wants to pick up a sweet southern accent, but she likes the idea of weeping willows, front porches and who are we kidding?  Mint juleps and southern gentleman.
(Not necessarily in that order.)

Washington D.C.
The monuments, the Smithsonian ... and the chance of seeing the Obamas 
(Really, their new puppy ... good GAWD is this thing going to have to take a shit on the inaugural ball dance floor before we're introduced or WHAT?)

Two words: Wrigley and Field.
(Which begs the question why SSG chose a picture of the skyline and NOT Wrigley Field?  
In a word?  DUDE.)

SSG and her college roommates, Digs & Spleen, have been talking about doing a little road trip action up the Maine coast.  
Because a road trip sounds fun.  
And cheap.
(If it weren't for those pesky little necessities like airfare, rental cars, gas, hotels, food and drinks.)

The Four Seasons
This is on SSG's "Life List."  
And at a rate of $600 a night, she could stay here for like ... 
a half hour.
But that half hour would be AWESOME.

And as I was standing in the Starbucks line, feeling the cool ocean breeze of Hawaii on my face, sipping a cocktail filled with a dozen different kinds of fruit (and vodka!) and 12 drink umbrellas, I heard something.  

A little voice.  

A guy's voice ... getting louder as it came toward me.  

Who was it?  I could just make him out ... my hot surf instructor?  

He WAS saying dude a lot.

"Dude?  Um, dude!  SSG, DUDE!  They're ready for your coffee order."

Oh, right. 



Molly said...

DC is on my list too, as is a couple of crafty trips and I'm thinking of going to a beach with the dogs and staying there for two weeks. Right now I just need to travel to work.

Living on the Spit said...

Ummmm, DUDE....where's VA on your list? Can I say Richmond, VA as your base (and Bella Della) and then DC is two 1/2 hours north, a short day trip...and then I am two hours southeast...the beach, the naval officers, and well there are lots of firemen too. There's also Williamsburg, Prime Outlets, Charlottesville...(UVa) and can I tempt you with Smithfield Ham near the Peanut Capital of the World, Suffolk, VA...c'mon, Dude...this is a no brainer. VA VA VA VA VA VA.

Virginia is for lovers, you know.

***I too, use Dude way more than I should****


Lys said...

Some good choices *excuse me while I stow away in your luggage for the Italy jaunt* but I do not see Philly on that list... ;) I mean, c'mon - not only do you have fab shopping, history galore, Philly's #1 treat - cheesesteaks, Ben Franklin, art museums, Rocky, cute actor guys, etc. but let me add we've got hot bartenders *ahem*, great bars, oh - and one hell of a baseball team - some of which who hang out with above mentioned hot bartender.

*jumps off soapbox*

Cool Breeze said...

Yo, dude. We are not that far from DC.

Predo said...

Like Dude? No trip to the Wisconsin Outback? I could introduce you to a plethera of toothless wonders around the moonshine still (talk about a party)!!!! By the way, you can Yoddle, right?

Also, you did not mention a single thing about "bog racing buggies" on your trip to GA! DUDE!

belladella said...

Dude! Washington DC is only two hours away from me and hubby is from Northern VA. I've been wanting to visit the museums up there. I have not been since I was a kid. You'd have free places to stay....I'm just sayin.

By the way, I so wish I had a Dude at work. It's official, that is what my job is missing.

Big Hair Envy said...

DUDE! You forgot to put the Virginia Blogapalooza on your list of places to visit in '09!!! Silly girl!

Suz Broughton said...

Perfect explanation of the word "Dude."

HalfAsstic.com said...

OH GAWD! Don't you HATE it when you are DRUG BACK, KICKING AND SCREAMING TO REALITY only to find that, well, reality sucks and that's why you were willingly escaping to some other cool local in the first place?
I SO hope you get to go to Italy next year. I have a brother and his family there that I wish I could go see, too!

Frita said...

ok... you like forgot to put vancouver BC on your list dude :o)

can we go with you too? you can't travel without your favorite family of tag alongs...

i'm voting for chicago because we want to go out there too and see my cousin, two friends and then drive over to madison wisconsin to see another friend.

luv DC though so could totally go there again!

new england in the fall - boston, martha's vineyard... ahh...

i want to do a tour of the south too...

what about a transcontinental train trip across canada to nova scotia and the land of my people?

really want to do arizona and new mexico - canyons, hiking, sunshine!

costa rica




bascially anywhere and everywhere!

we need to get planning on Italy 2010. That's only 16 months away!!!