Thursday, December 4, 2008

He Speaks! And Meh.

Quiet Guy has spoken.

I got to work yesterday, took off my coat, set down a pie I made for the office, flipped on my computer and started checking e-mails when there it was, the familiar sight of someone hovering in my doorway.

I assumed he'd go away like he always does, but readers he SPOKE (unlike the 5 minutes we stood next to each other at the thai cart the other day when I refused to say anything other than HI just to see if he'd TALK.  He didn't.  And um, AWKWARD.)

QG:  Did you bring food?
SSG:  Yes.
QG:  What is it?
SSG:  A pie.
QG:  What kind of pie?
SSG:  Apple cranberry.
QG:  But I don't like cranberries.

(SSG's head explodes.)

In other unrelated news ... I'm sick!  

And also out of sick days.  

Please send throat lozenges made of lemon drops.



Molly said...

love the golden retriever with the ice pack ! Sorry you are feeling poorly, and right here at the beginning of holiday festivities, too.

Bella Della said...

Try the cookies on him.

Sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better. It's terrible to have to go to work when you don't feel good. Wish I could share one of my days with you. For some reason I have a bunch left to use before the end of the year.

Unknown said...

I too am so sorry that you are feeling under the weather!!!

Make a broth with lots...I mean tons of garlic, real not constituted and onions...again, real...drink as much as is will smell god awful, but I guarantee that you will feel 120% better by tomorrow.

I swear~

Marlene (I have a whole lotta sick days to share with ya! LOL)

Predo said...

OK, now listen Kitten. Jimmy is working late, but the blankets are in the dryer all warming up, the ice is in the freezer all getting cold, Soup is on and the lemon drops are ready to be mixed!

I myself loved your Cranberry/Apple Crisp you made for Thanksgiving. So kick QG in the nads, grab that pie, and come on over so we can take care of our little SSG!

Candy said...

Quiet Guy is a conundrum. And clearly single for a reason. But...he may still be a nut worth cracking. Only you can know for sure.

On another note, your word verification for this comment was "unmen" so what's that tell ya?

Lys said...

Awww, get better SSG! Lemon cough drops, perhaps? Nyquil will cure all - trust!

Secondly, QG - yeah, he's weird. And if he doesn't like cranberries, that's on him, right?

However, can a gal steal your recipe for the apple/cranberry crisp (or do you want to guest post it on Cooking In Stilettos?)

Big Hair Envy said...

I'll bet Cute Neighbor likes cranberries....and lemon drops:)

Get this sickness over with before the holiday season really kicks in!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, the Creeping Crud. I hate being sick and it seems that the funk has hit town like nobody's bizznass. I coach at a local high school and we are all feeling a little punky. Damn teenagers, spreading disease like wildfire. . . . . .

Hang tough like the New Kids do and invest in some tea and Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold. The combination should hand your illness it's ass.
(Er, if it had one)

~Auntie Peep said...

Oh, we gotta get Predo over there with some homemade chicken soup!
And QG can go jump in a lake! I am sooooo over him. Oh, wait a minute... this was about YOU wasn't it...? Hummm, well this is awkward.
Did you tell him if he doesn't like it he can NOT EAT IT?