Monday, December 29, 2008


(Disclaimer:  Sorry for the photo suckage.  All I had was mah celly.)

After you've been stuck indoors for an entire month due to the flu and an unexpected change from a Northwest winter to an Arctic winter, you kind of forget what the outside is like.  

I woke up Sunday to my requisite combo of coffee and political shows.  This IS Sunday morning after all and my round table discussions have been preempted for the last TWO weeks due to the weather.  Perhaps you've heard it's been snowing here?  Fisher and I eventually headed out to check and make sure our neighborhood still existed.

Actually, that's a lie.  I KNEW it was still here because thankfully my neighbors and Predo have chains and 4 wheel drives.  And technically I HAVE been out of the house.  But last time I saw my 'hood it looked like we were in Aspen or the Swiss Alps but with 100% less skiing.  

A few days ago you couldn't see any of the roads, the trees were covered in snow and  all of the cars were SUV's.  People were in snow gear from head to toe.  At the GROCERY STORE. With the exception of one poor dad I saw at the store last week.  He, or his wife, must have NEEDED to either get out of the house or get the kids out of the house.  Because the guy was in flip flops, had four kids trailing behind him in various summer outfits and he was carrying a shoeless baby practically upside down while pushing a shopping cart full of Mac 'n Cheese.

Where was I again?

Oh YEAH.  

Fish and I went on a LONG walk.  We were gone for a couple of hours taking our time past babbling brooks like this one ...

We walked up hills where buses had been stuck just a few days ago and down hills where SSG slid backwards in her car just over a week ago.  Aside from a few piles of slush here and there, you'd never know a storm hit this place.  It's amazing how something so transient can JACK up your daily life so much.

I ran into my neighbors as I headed out in my car a bit later that afternoon.  "OhmahgahI'minmycar!"  I yelled at them.  They had just bought an 802 inch TV and were so  NOT interested.  Until I mentioned the San Diego Chargers were playing in a big game last night.  They're not from San Diego, but you wouldn't have known because FOOTBALL! + New TV! = "What time are you coming over?!"

Football would have to wait though, I took my little sister (through Big Brothers & Big Sisters) to Peacock Lane, a street in Portland that has lit its houses for Christmas since 1929.  Obviously this picture doesn't do it justice.

But trust SSG when she tells you it was the sweetest evening.

My year with BB&BS is almost up.  It's crazy to think that virtually every weekend this year I've spent time with this munchkin.  In a couple of weeks I won't need to think of someplace to take an 11 year old that she'll like ... that's not the mall.  I will miss spending time with her, but I look forward to having my weekends back. 

This storm gave me a lot of time to reflect on the past year and the blank canvas that is 2009.  I literally have no plans for next year.  No expectations.  No "to do" lists.  No volunteer work.  No classes.  No schedule.  No commitments.  

I CAN'T BELIEVE that's true.  

Just typing it makes me think ... that's not?  No?  It can't be?  Wait ... really?

Yep it's true.

Dreams?  Yes.  Wishes?  Absolutely.  

Perhaps 2009 will be the year they serendipitously come true.  Perhaps not.  But I know for damn sure, I'll have a TON of fun finding out.  

Happy (Almost!) New Year!

(And P.S. the Chargers WON!)


belladella said...

I am so glad you have officially made it outdoors. I wish I could share the 70 degree weather we had here yesterday. Too warm for me, but apparently others are into it :) I am still hoping you sent some snow this way.

You must actually be looking forward to returning to work today.

I am home with some sort of coldlike ickiness.

Predo said...

Yippie! Let the new year begin! Let cute neighbor not get tackled in his front door by SSG! Let Fisher find an entire box of cookies with her name on it!

Living on the Spit said...

I swear, I did not get Belladella sick! It just must be running rampant across the state and it is the yuckiness cold I have had in years.

I too, am looking forward to sharing a wonderful New Year with you and all our other great friends here in bloggie land. You deserve a cinderella year where all your dreams come true.

Patriots won as well!!!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

so whats BB and BS like? Ive always thought I might enjoy doing that.

Lys said...

YAY! SSG is able to leave the homestead, even for a little bit :) I'm not going to be a pain in the azz and tell you it was 82 here on Christmas (wait - yes I am ;) Tis my last warm winter - you can laugh at me next year). 2009 is going to be one hell of a year - and yes, there will be even MORE cookiez for Fisher. (I have an extra bag - turns out the pug is a dog foodie SNOT when it comes to cookies)

Rhiannon said...

I had really forgotten how much I enjoy leaving the house. And, was driving weird the first time? I was a little bit scared to drive again!

big hair envy said...

I have SO much catching up to do!!! Just finished reading your last two posts...

Christmas with Predo & Jimmy? **jealous**

Cute Neighbor? He's already passed too many "Terminator" tests to be a real human being. Did you see any red lights behind his pupils??

Be sure to find out if he cooks. THAT'S one of the most important things in my book. Then again, I AM 42 years old and have been married for 22 years - my sense of importance may be skewed:/

Cool Breeze said...

I too am looking forward to what 2009 brings.

Congrats on the Chargers big win! I was rooting for them. You know Philip Rivers went to NC State, right?

Hey, my word verification was "witypeer". I wish I had written something funny.

Molly said...

I am glad you are at long last free of the shackles of weather that have long held you back. does this mean you haven't seen quiet guy in a while?

and i had you figured for another trip. as my friends point out, "exchange rates have got to improve if everyone's economy sucks".

Frita said...

i was feeling the same way when we finally made it out!!! yeah us!

what - no school this year? i though you were still taking classes.