Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend ABC's - T is for TV, TB & Test

I have tuberculosis.  

Just kidding.  But it FEELS that way.  

I'm just practicing my excuse to get out of my accounting final today.  Do you think my professor would want a doctor's note if I used the TB one?  Because AN ACCOUNTING FINAL?  The only calculation I have enough energy to do right now is to see if my A is strong enough to allow me to skip the test entirely and still pass the class.

Kidding AGAIN.  Damn me and my over achieving ways.

Dogs don't have to study for accounting finals.  

I took a break from studying on Saturday and decided to hang out with my two BFF's.

And then once I did that, the thought of picking up my accounting book made me want to gnaw my own arm off.  So I watched two cheesy surfing movies instead.

Because have you heard it's winter?  And I'm in Portland?  I won't be seeing the sun until sometime next August.

Hi sun and beach!

(SSG collapses into a mess of tears ... and kleenex.)

I TOTALLY miss dropping in on waves like that.

This is really SSG, she did stand in for the movie Blue Crush.

Hey Fisher!  Dogs can surf, should we go to Hawaii?

No, I yike dis playce.  S warm rite herez.

SSG might be booking a flight to Hawaii.  Because she's SURE all surf instructors look like this:

And this ...

And sorry this one is a little blurry, she may have licked the screen once ... or twice.

BUT!  SSG is more than just a pretty face admiring girl.  So she watched her Sunday morning line up like always. 

Hiiiiiii President Elect Obama.

And after news on the big three automakers, the terrorism in India, the economic meltdown and the probable usage of a weapon of mass destruction by 2013, SSG decided she'd like to go back to a simpler time.

Like New York City in 1947.

So she watched a movie called "It Had to be You."  Which really was the precursor to modern day chick flicks.  Ginger Rogers was the "Runaway Bride" in this film.  She left three guys at the altar and was engaged to her 4th.  But that's when she met a FIREMAN.

And I'm guessing you all can imagine which word caught SSG's attention in that TCM description?

This is what SSG looks like whenever she walks by a fire station.  

Only without the hat.

I tink I mite yike dri chereez?

And then she came home from the store, collapsed on the couch and flipped the TV on again.  Because running the smallest of errands when you have TB?  Takes A LOT out of you.


belladella said...

Oh gosh, I hope you start feeling better soon- not that an accounting exam is going to help much. That makes me shudder! Are you still taking that today?

Predo said...

So, basically, you studdied accounting all day long! You calculated time instead of money! You are an over acheiver!!!!

Oh, SSG, I am soo sorry you feel all poopy! At least Fish is keeping you safe and warm! Otherwise, I would have to send Bryan Adams over or something!!!

I hear that 4 or 5 Lemon Drops will cure TB (at least for a little while)...

Lys said...

Studying while sick - Ugh! Then again, I'm not one to help with accounting. Even though my dad is an accountant, I had to take it twice in college (detested the course, the teacher, etc.)

OK, soooo wanting that fireplace.

Big Hair Envy said...

I say BAG that old accounting exam and stay snuggled up in front of the fire with Fisher!!!

FEEL. BETTER. SOON. If you don't hurry up and get well, all of the firemen in Portland will already have dates for the Christmas party:)

Cool Breeze said...

You gotta love a dog ... not the surfer dudes so much for me. said...

Soooo... how did the final go?
Fisher can probably help you out with answers if your clogged up nose prevents you from thinking clearly... Wait a minute, that's me who always looks to the dog for math advice!