Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend ABC's - M is for Movies & Music

SSG loves chick flicks.  

SSG likes heavy movies too.  But for some reason these days heavy movies make her want to crawl under the covers with a gallon of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and not come out.   So this weekend SSG was in pursuit of tickets to the chick flick to end all chick flicks--The Sex and the City Movie.  But as that would only take up a few hours, she decided she should be more productive.  And by productive, SSG means spending time tracking down two songs she heard during another chick flick.

So a few years ago I watched a movie called Lucky 7.  Lucky 7 was on the ABC Family channel.  I'm sure I was PMSing, because 1)  I was watching the ABC Family Channel and 2)  A made for TV movie not only made me cry, but I kept it on my DVR for months and made Digs watch it when she came to Portland to visit.  And I cried during the movie.  Again.

A quick recap of Lucky 7:  Patrick Dempsey (pre Grey's Anatomy). Kimberly Williams Paisley.  Seattle.  A dead mother.   A road map to love.   7 boys!  Daughter follows map to the letter.  She meets boy #6 & #7 at the same time!  Patrick Dempsey's eyes!  But he's #6!  Choice!  Angst!  Ferry boat to Orca's Island!  Touching moment on the beach!  Sex!  Does she follow her heart?  But the map!  The dead mom!  More angst!  Patrick Dempsey's fabulous hair! Happily ever after!

Two incredible songs that I had never heard before were in that movie.  And avec le power d' Google and You Tube, I found them this weekend.  Here are the two links:  
(Side note:  SSG isn't too sure why there isn't a link to Lucky 7 for the So Are You to Me song since apparently it has been used in every single television series ever.  So she chose the Pride & Prejudice link as it is one of her favorite books and movies.  She's also unsure as to why anyone else would want to play Mr. Darcy after Colin Firth did it to perfection.)

Speaking of love.  Angst.  Sex.  And will they or won't they?  I also saw the Sex and the City movie last night (don't worry, no spoiling!)  

The Dates:  Ems, Radioactive, Preggers and Gay Boyfriend #2.
The Wardrobe:   Aim: Flirty/Sassy.  Result? Pirate/Hooker.
The Dilemma:  Pre or post movie dinner and drinks.

Florida Retiree Moment #1:  Dinner at 5 p.m.
Young Hot Moment #1:  Everyone showing up a 1/2 hour late saying "Damn, 5 is EARLY."

Florida Retiree Moment #2:  Dinner at the Heathman Hotel.
Young Hot Moment #2:  Each downing four cocktails in just over an hour (except for Preggers).

1 Minute:  Amount of time between my ass hitting the theater seat and the movie starting.
Second:  The row we had to sit in.
Three:  The number of previews it took my eyes to adjust (Proximity to screen or number of drinks?  Jury is still out.)

One:  The number of girls whose ass SSG wanted to kick during the movie.
Frantic Face Fanning/Gasping/Squealing:  Reasons for ass kicking desire.
Mentally Handicapped:  Reason for the aforementioned frantic fanning/gasping/squealing.
ONLY acceptable cause for frantic face fanning/gasping/squealing:  Diagnosed mental handicap.

SSG's Emotions (excluding the desire to kick as of yet unknown mentally handicapped girl's ass):  Sheer joy at the mere hint of the opening song at the credits.  Happiness!  Desire!  Hate!  Sadness!  Anger!  Lust!  Envy!  Angst!  Love!  
Twice: Number of times SSG cried.

Countless: Number of times SSG will see the movie again.

Thoughts on weekend:  Girl card renewed!  Estrogen at maximum levels!  

Let's go to the bathroom together!