Friday, June 20, 2008

Blomit in Bullet Formation

  • I'm leaving for San Diego in the morning.  The trip is TOTALLY last minute, as in I got my ticket yesterday.  (Who says SSG can't carpe the diem?!)
  • Because I'm going on a trip, I feel like NOW is the time I should probably get my oil changed, make sure the bathroom towels are all washed and the garage swept.  (I'm convinced I could get this whole U.S. economy whipped into shape by relying strictly on a combination of avoidance and procrastination.  Present me with a gym membership and a plane ticket and watch me get down to business.)  
  • This guy at work is super quiet.  He's either legitimately shy, or he hates me.  Assuming it HAS to be the former, I try and irritate him AS MUCH as possible without making him quit or come into my cube wielding a rifle.  For example, the past two days I've asked him what his sign was and yelled his horoscope at him over our cube walls.  (I also haven't mentioned that it's from Yahoo Shine, a website for women.) 
  • I wonder if that has anything to do with him looking for chocolate this afternoon?
  • The "Office Dare" from my Office Dare page a day calendar today was: "Walk around the office on all fours with a stick in your mouth."  I didn't think it was that bad until I came back in from a meeting and someone said "Where were you?  On all fours with a stick in your mouth?"  (Reading vs. Hearing--COMPLETELY different.)
  • I didn't really have time for happy hour today but went anyway as I'm the consummate team plater.  Ems also made me:  "Come on SSG!  You're getting Lemon Drops and THEN an oil change!"  To which I responded:  "Please tell me that's a euphemism."  (It wasn't.)
  • I actually did go get my oil changed.  Thanks Oil Can Henry's!  (Oil Can Henry's must have recently gone through a sales class where they learned how not to take no for an answer.  Every.  Single.  Item.  I.  Got.  Offered.  Was.  Offered.  Twice.  I almost flipped them off with my right finger.  And then my left.)
  • I am going to attempt to "Twitter" this weekend.  (And no, that's not a euphemism either.)  You guys are WAY smarter than me, so I'm assuming ya'll know how it works.  Let's see if I do (hint: no).  So when you get NOTHING, it means I just spent an hour typing a four word message, assume it totally made it to you guys and was probably the FUNNIEST thing you've ever read in your lives.  So follow me, it will be fun!

Have fabulous weekends my lovlies!


Anonymous said...

Have a good time in SD! said...

Well I hope you have a good time too and also good luck twittering! I am twitting to beat the band and am not sure I am doing it right. Can you see good ole HalfAsstic on there? Cause i swear no one else can...

Lys said...

Spontaneous trip??? Hot damn SSG!

I just started to use twitter again - have been too tied up to really get into it lately :(