Wednesday, June 4, 2008

#3 - Kindred Spirits

One of my favorite books is Anne of Green Gables.  It was given to me by my beloved Gam when I was about eight and I still have my dog eared, much loved first copy.  Anne speaks frequently about the "kindred spirits" she finds along the way in Avonlea.  I too have been fortunate in those who have crossed my path.

1)  My sister - There for me since day one.  Thanks for the catch up today, Winner.  I love you.  

2)  Gam - My mom's mom who instilled  a love of books and nature in me so deep that I can't think of one without the other.

3)  Grandma - My dad's mom, who was quiet and content to just spend time allowing me room to explore the world.

4)  Diane Pauli - My kindergarten teacher who made me love going to school.

5)  Bobbie Vaus - THAT teacher ... the one that makes everything come alive.  Nothing was off limits.  

6)  Cass Lockhart - One of my horseback riding coaches.  She'd only let riders in her clinics if they were 18.  I started riding with her when I was 12.

7)  Barbara & Leslie Gerrior - This mother and daughter became my second family when I didn't have a home to go to.  They're the sole reason I made it through my adolescence.

8) Judy Turner - I worked with her at Bank of America when I was a bank teller in college.  We used to chat in the evenings before the branch would close about life and love, marriage and kids, movies and books, careers and passions.  I always looked forward to our chats.

9)  Victoria Featherstone - My creative writing instructor who was there for me for YEARS--throughout my entire college career, my move to Seattle, applying to film school and writing a novel.  I still hear her calm, melodic voice quietly whispering "keep going."

10)  Tony Torres - For making it all okay.

11)  Digs & Spleen - Have I mentioned them enough on this site?  They deserve an infinite amount of love and cocktails for their unconditional friendship over the past 15 years.  (My lucky ass recognizes it ladieth!)

12)  D - Wherever you are.  I miss you.  

13)  The Sac Town Boys - The brothers I never had.  Dudes, HIKING means casually strolling on a dirt path (and preferably one with no incline).  It does not mean ICE CLIMBING, which is what you freaks do.  Don't fall.  I'd miss you way too much.

14)  Mrs. Bob - My twin! Who knew I'd be so lucky to get three friendships for the price of one?  Partner in magazine crime, Paris dreams and soul sister.  3 months until we are both bawling our eyes out in front of every French landmark in disbelief.  (Pssst ... I can't WAIT and I'll bring the Kleenex!)

15)  Mr. Bob - Palm Tree?  "Did I hear a niner?  What, were you calling from a walkie talkie?"

16)  Jon McAndrew - For cracking my heart open over and over again.

17)  Wade - I keep telling him he should start his own blog.  Potential name?  Wad-a-tay, The Dang a Lang Kang.  I (and my liver) thank you.  Portland wouldn't be the same if it weren't for you and Jimmy.

18)  My niece, nephew and Little Bob - The world got way more fun with you three in it.

19)  And to those kindred spirits I have yet to meet?  I look forward to traveling the roads that will lead me to you.

I wouldn't be the SSG without you all.



Anonymous said...

A little tear, a little sniff, and maybe a flash of my favorite panties! You silly Gyrl, your liver was on that path long before I came along! Big Hugs to you Kitten!