Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend ABC's - J is for Junk in My Trunk

I have written about my uncle's cabin in Yosemite here, but one of the things I neglected to mention was that the cabin has games.  Games that we've been playing for years.  Games, that start off as fun but slowly morph into accusations of cheating, bribery and blatant family favoritism.   My uncle is usually at the center of such speculation and all allegations begin, and usually end, with him as the guilty party.  So much so that a Webster's Dictionary is the first thing that gets smacked down on the table after Scattergories makes its appearance.

Some of the allegations include:  "Wonderful" as a term of endearment (when the letter W was rolled).  He argued "my little Wonderful" could indeed be a term of endearment for a good five minutes before he would accept the veto.   "Junk" was also vetoed as something to be feared (when the letter J was rolled).  He even attempted to ACT out his answer by going to the hall closet and screaming "Ahh, my junk!" as he opened it.  Though I would never admit this to my uncle, for a moment today I was thinking he just might be onto something.   

At what point should you start fearing the junk in your trunk?  Ahem.  Your literal trunk.  Like car trunk?  Because when I opened mine today it contained, amongst a myriad of other goodies, my college roller blades, a 2006 desk calendar and two bed pillows.  Um, I think I'm going to go with the pillows, Bob.  Was I supposed to be escorting someone to a Lamaze class that I've forgotten about?

As I started going through mah junk, I recognized most of it.  However, some items, like the black bag which I totally didn't recognize, and thus feared, remained untouched.  I wonder if I pulled a Lohan at a club one night and walked out with someone else's bag?  (OJ, if you're reading.  I'm SURE this isn't yours.  Please don't hurt me.)  I continued to sift through my trunk, and carried its contents into my living room so I could sort through it all.   With each trip into the house, I had the vague recollection of having done this same process before.

And that's when I realized.  The items I had brought OUT of my trunk and INTO my living room were the EXACT same items I had taken OUT of my living room and put INTO the trunk of my car to "sort through" a few months ago.  My guess is, right around the last time I had house guests.

So next time I'm at the cabin and roll an ol' "J" on the Scattergories dice and the subject is "Things You Deny?"

Two words, Unc:  BRING IT.


Anonymous said...

This sounds really familiar! At my in-laws old cabin in north central Wisconsin, when we used to go there for some relaxin' time years ago, these games were there, too, and invariably, the same accusations of cheating, etc, would eventually show up. What a bunch of good times those were!

"Junk in my Trunk" phrase I have heard recently, too, from Naomi on "Can You Duet."

Ash Unabashed said...

Oh my, you're hilarious. This posting has inspired me to go through a black trash bag that was just deposited in my *brand new* car last week. It has seen two car trunks in the last year and 1/2 and I have yet to actually go through it. I know, disgusting, but some urge makes me haul it around and around. I'm definitely going home, grabbing the black loop at the top and ripping it open. Here's hoping I don't find something sick.

P.S. I moved my blog. I'm now at!