Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And Then There Were Two ...

Oh suuuuuuure, they look like the picture of innocence NOW.   I'm dog sitting my neighbors' dog until Sunday ... gulp.   The scary part is I'M looking at THEM the exact same way that they're looking at me in this photo.  What do I do with TWO? 

I'm off to go stock up on some wine and Grey Goose.

P.S.  Can someone please tell me why it's easier walking two dogs instead of just one?  Granted we just went to the mailbox, but STILL (Are you there Ceasar Milan?  It's me, SSG.)

1 comments: said...

I guess it's just that pack mentality thing where they want to stick together and they must both assume the other one is going to be going where you are....? Oh hell, I dunno.