Monday, June 2, 2008

Don't Ever Change Your Password on a Monday

I have to use A LOT of passwords for our systems at work.  And I like to try and keep them upbeat and fun.  I like a little something that will make me smile or relax for a second before I enter into my world of numbers and corporate balance sheets and acronyms ... oh how we love our acronyms in finance.   I think I used four sets in one sentence today and not surprisingly?  My cube neighbor answered in an acronym. 

SSG:  How would you calculate an XYZ when you've got a noncompliant ABC on a standard BCG that uses a TFP?
A:  I think you can use that new FUK we got on that con call last week.

Corporate finance, my second language.  

My passwords are usually something like "Bellagio Villa" which yes, takes forever to spell out, but doesn't it make you think of George Clooney wearing aviator sunglasses, white linen pants and no shirt out on his boat in Lake Como?  Perhaps that's just me.  

Today, a rainy Monday in Portland with a full five day work week ahead, the LAST thing I wanted to do when I got to work was be perky and upbeat enough to pick a password.  

It was an inauspicious start.  "Portland is a bucket of water disguised as a city"  was too long and didn't have the proper format. "H8" was too short and apparently "SuckA55" I had already used before.  It took me 20 minutes, plus a cruise over to Stumptown with A, a double tall vanilla latte and one piece of banana bread with chocolate chips before I could think of a password.  Perhaps I should have chosen "Procrastin8?"

I finally came up with one.  And I'd totally tell you what it is, but then you'd have to use the FUK to calculate the XYZ on a noncompliant ABC on a standard BCG that uses a TFP and I like you all WAY too much to subject you to that.

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Wow. So how often do you have to change passwords? Once a week or month? That would totally suck for me as I would get mixed up, eventually, and forget what the new one is. We have some on line thingies like bill pay or some such thing that automatically makes you change your password every once in a while and there is always a little cussing from my husband when this happens.