Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Come on and Work, Work it Girl

This is the reason why Wade needs his own blog.  It truly isn't fair that only a select few of us are privy to his hot ass and corn rowed chest hair.

Email from SSG to Wade:

Hey Cupcake!  How did the cupcakes turn out?

From Wade to SSG:

I did not get a single one!  I sent some with Karen and took the rest to work.  I had to take Jimmy to his appointment and when I got back they were all gone.  Sadness ... tear ... but my ass still looks hot!

Email from SSG to Wade:

Awww Cupcake!  I'm sorry.  I'll make you some and you can keep them all to yourself.  In fact, they will come to you with the stipulation that you can NOT share.  Unless it's with Jimmy, of course.

Email from Wade to SSG:

How is everyone behaving for you today?  Do I need to come down and spank someone?  Is there dancing on the desks like you had ordered?  Did formal attire get redefined to include G-strings and sock puppets for men?  If so, when can I start?

From SSG to Wade:

I like your version of formal attire!  Please wear that this weekend when I bring you cupcakes.  I'll need to see what we're getting ourselves into before I can make my recommendation.

From Wade to SSG:

I shall design a runway show for you!  I think I can build a ramp up onto the coffee table that can support my heels.  But you have to bring the photographers of course.


Anonymous said...

I photograph best from the right, just so you know!

HalfAsstic.com said...

Oh Gawd! I wanna go to work with you!

Lys said...

Wade needs a blog - I about cracked up reading this *LOL*