Thursday, June 19, 2008

Take That City of San Francisco

(This post is brought to you, albeit unknowingly, by Digs.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone or else my friends are going to stop sending me e-mails.  So I've mentioned our friend Dan here, he's a veritable modern day MacGyver.  But I might also add that when Digs' car was stolen last year, SHE was the one who found it, not the SFPD.  Digs, Veronica Mars has nothin' on you and your sistAH.)

E-mail From: Digs
To:  SSG

So there I was ... Sunday night having dinner for Father's Day and Dan came over for dessert.  BreemastAH mentioned being annoyed at going out to her car and finding no less than THREE parking tickets.  Three separate offenses, you ask?

No.  THREE tickets for the exact same offense.  

The Department of Parking and Ticketing wrote THREE citations for not turning her wheels on a street where the grade is > 3%.  Um, how the F do you know if something has > 3% grade if you're anything other than a city planner ... or a cop?  She thought the street was flat.

She was about to buy a protractor and rig it up to take a photo.  But who needs to do that when you have Dan?  He bounds down to his truck and comes back carrying a digital level.  Not only does Dan know how to fix it, he just happens to drive around with a digital level?  

I don't know why I'm surprised.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the city of SF is kind of strapped for cash, huh?

Hurrah for digital levels!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Dan! Can he build me a time machine out of paperclips and bubble gum!

Lys said...

What - the meter lady/man couldn't see that there are THREE tix for the SAME offense - talk about making it ripe for argument at City Hall.

And what's with the level and the 3% stuff? Color me a bit confused. Orlando doesn't have an offense like that (or I'd hear from our clients to handle that stuff too *LOL*)